Soul Product Reviews

What’s this Soul Product Review stuff all about? Well, I’ll tell ya! This isn’t necessarily going to be a regular thing, only as I come across something I’ve purchased with my own cashola, I use while biking\commuting, and I find worth giving my two cents on. It will be anything related to my commute, bike and non-bike things alike. Now if there is any company out there who wants to send me free product to review, I’m down for that. Hit me up and I’ll give you my address. *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*

SPR #1: Crystal Body Deodorant Roll-On

Since I’ve started commuting, and even though I’m fortunate enough to have a shower at my place of employment, body odor is still something I like to keep in check. I may work in a fabrication shop, but I have clients to deal with on occasion. I’ve tried a good few deodorants, but the one I recently bought works so damn well, I had to let others know. Crystal body deodorant is an all natural roll-on that I’ve found keeps those nasty bacteria in check during the ride, and after the shower throughout the day. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks. So, if you commute and especially If you have to deal with people all day, check this one out. Other pluses: Cruelty Free, Environmentally Safe, Endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers (contains no Aluminum Chlorohydrate), and Hypoallergenic. Cost: Around $5 Contact:


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