Cool Air, Wind, Rain, & Detroit Techno

Post Ride Beverage: Sam Adams Rebel IPA
Insert Into Ear: Robert Hood ‘Motor: Nighttime World 3′

Seems like March, but it is all May. I’ve had way better days over the past 2 months for my first ride of the season. Why haven’t I then? To be brutally honest with myself, and you, my unseen reader, laziness. Freakin’ laziness. I have no other reason, because, that sure as hell isn’t an excuse. Yet, today happened to somehow, push me out the door, after first fixing that flat, which sadly defeated me before, or just gave my lazy ass a reason to bale on the actual, first attempted ride. I fixed that flat, threw on some comfy clothes, and a baseball cap, and out the door I went.
When I hit the main road down to the Alum Creek Greenway Trail, the first thought through my head was, “Damn it’s windy, maybe not such a good idea.”, but I had to push through that mental wall that I’ve allowed to keep me from this exact point. On I pedaled, with my Detroitech playlist running into my ears, and helping to encourage my legs, which quickly caught on to what was happening.
As I pedaled, I hit the trail, and the protection of the trees. It quickly became apparent how out of shape I was, but damn it felt good being on my bike, and pedaling again. It was a short ride, with a bit of rain, a young groundhog, squirrels galore, and other assorted woodland creatures.
I took a minute at my turnaround to snap a photo, then turned, and headed home.


The ride back was a little tougher, as my legs and body had figured out exactly what was going on, but they never quit, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
I can’t wait to get out, and ride again.

Ride safe ~


Hiatus Officially Over


So, well over a month ago, I said screw it, and decided to buy some long over due new tires for my way under ridden bike. It has been something like, well too f-ing long since I’ve been on my bike. Okay, it’s been 3 years. Flog me now, and lets get it over with, go on, flog me, I know I deserve it. I can say a plethora of things, some of which might even be valid, but ultimately, the failure is on me. I stopped riding. I can say life, jobs, and shitty relationship got in the way, blah, blah, blah, whine, whine, whine.

It felt a bit awkward, like for a split second, just after my right foot clipped in for the first time in years, but it all came back in a rush, and my mind, and body were all like, “Hey, why haven’t we done this sooner? We’ll forgive you though, because this is so…weeeeeeeeeee.” They quickly forgave me and I was off towards the trail. Wow, it felt so good to be outside, and in nature, after a very long winter holed up in my apartment. What are all of the green things, oh right, trees, and grass, and birds, oh my.

Those first two paragraphs, were written on May 7, with a minor edit to the very beginning discussing time. Yet, it has taken my lazy ass a month plus, to sit down and put my excursions to paper, so to speak.

My bike adventures, thus far, have been relegated to one part of the Alum Creek Greenway Trail, because small sections of the south are having bridges, boardwalks, and repairs done. Though today, I got the nerve, and rode up Sunbury Road, which is a wee bit crazy, because traffic is stupid busy on a narrow two lane road, with the tiniest of shoulders, if at all. I pedaled up to McCutcheon Road, and hit Mock Metro Park, where the trail picked up, and headed south. Wow, it was such a nice change of view. The work, and money that the city has put into renovations is beautiful, long boardwalks, and amazing bridges. I rode as for as I could in that direction, before I ran into a bridge still under construction. I turned around, and headed north. I hit Mock park and continued north, knowing that I would hit the construction that’s prevented me from using that part of the trail. I came across a fantastically long boardwalk, then soon hit the “Road Closed” sign, and promptly turned around…just kidding. The brat in me wanted to know what exactly they were doing, and how far along they were, because everything looked okay from my standpoint. I lifted my bike over the gate, and proceeded to ride the boardwalk, all the while keeping an eye out for any workers. I crossed a new bridge, pedaled slowly around curves, and ran into…no one. The trail is, for all intents and purposes, finished. Looks like they just have a few railings, and a bit of cosmetic work to do. So, I’m guessing it’ll be opening in the nearest future. Can’t wait!

Ride Safe,

Future Dirt Dreams

My mind of late has been drifting to thoughts of dirt, riding dirt, trees, sweat, and the satisfaction of a hard ride done to the best of my poor abilities. Yet, this remains relegated to daydreams, as I currently am without a metal steed. Dirt Rag is the best kind of porn to help through a long dry spell, as is following my friend’s blogs, but like looking at actual down and dirty porn, it is, ultimately, unsatisfying.
Unfortunately, it has been a very long time since I’ve pedaled on dirt. As those of you who read my blog know, 2 1/2+ years ago I was forced to sell my beloved mountain bike to survive. Well I have, only just, begun to recover, how ever minutely, from my financial black hole. I’ve read other’s stories and know I’m not the only person in this predicament, but it’s tough none the less. I love mountain biking. I love bikes. Sadly, the idea of getting my hands on a bike is he farthest thing from my financial mind. Yet, there is a part of me that likes to replay the movies in my head from past rides. Whether here in Columbus ripping through the trees and maneuvering over the roots at Alum Creek to the fine desert riding I was fortunate enough to have done while in Utah. Trails such as Gooseberry Mesa, Navajo Lake, Bear Claw Poppy, Paradise, etc and with some of the coolest people. I currently live vicariously through the updates from the blogs of friends such as Jerry Hazard, photographer and bike nut. I also follow Lukas A.K.A. Mooseknuckler, a bike freak and all around stand up guy.
I dream of the day I will ride again, and I will damn it. When I can once again rip through the woods, and the desert, leaving all of my worries…in…the…dust.


Peace, Patrick

Utah’s Finest: An Epic Mountain Bike Race and Moab

A few of my cycling friends out west have a couple articles about the True Grit Epic Bike Race and Mountain Biking in Moab . Hit the link below, download the PDF and head to page 16 for the True Grit article written by Cimarron Chicon of  Crawling Spider Trail Services, with photos by her husband Bryce Pratt of Crawling Spider Photography, then surf on over to page 38 for the Moab article by Lukas Brinkerhoff of the Mooseknuckler Cycling Alliance. All of these people love bikes. Represent!

Cycling Utah Online

What’s in rotation here @ SSD:

Love this album and this song:

Peace, Patrick –  SSD Crew

Another Fiver and a Bright, Gaseous Orb

Well, my ride home today marked the second full week (5 consecutive days) of commuting since I began riding in early March, attempting to make up for a deplorable lack of commuting and /or any bike riding last year. It makes me feel good that I can over-ride the mind’s efforts to get me not to ride, especially when the weather is less than savory. My ride home today was capped with much sun, which made for a beautiful ride home. Sun, that weird bright, gaseous orb, that has been absent for many a days now. I won’t even mention the “w” word, it has become such the norm when I ride, that when it finally chills out, I’ll feel lost…well. not really, but you get the gist.

Another video from an album I’ve been enjoying the hell out of:

Thanks for stopping by, Patrick