Soul Side Down is located in Columbus, Ohio

Soul Side Down is a bike freak

Soul Side Down is not about profit margins & share holders, the latest fads/trends

Soul Side Down is one man in a sea of cars.

Patrick – writer/photographer/pedal pusher/just plain weird

CONTACT: soulsidedown@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Pat, stumbled on this page, nice. You never said you had a blog. drop me a line and I’ll post you on mine. you know the whole circular advertising thing. we all do it. peace.

  2. Hey i am currently living in columbus, and attending the Ohio State University, i was just wondering what your guys connection to columbus is? secondly i like the stuff you have written and whatnot, check out my page and post me if you would, i just started this worpress thing i need hits! thanks!

  3. What’s up, bro? Thanks for stopping by. Our connection to Columbus is that it is home. We moved out west for the experience and we are currently residing in Colorado and Southern Utah respectively.
    Nice to hear from a fellow cyclist from Columbus. We miss it and will return in the nearest future. We’ll peep your blog, and if you have anything you would like to contribute to our blog, hit us up.
    Patrick – SSD Crew

  4. Definitely dig this site. Just discovered you courtesy of Cog Mag. Midwest is really doin it! Keep the spirit alive.
    Also, I can definitely give props to someone who carries a permanent link to the BMEF.


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