Cool Air, Wind, Rain, & Detroit Techno

Post Ride Beverage: Sam Adams Rebel IPA
Insert Into Ear: Robert Hood ‘Motor: Nighttime World 3′

Seems like March, but it is all May. I’ve had way better days over the past 2 months for my first ride of the season. Why haven’t I then? To be brutally honest with myself, and you, my unseen reader, laziness. Freakin’ laziness. I have no other reason, because, that sure as hell isn’t an excuse. Yet, today happened to somehow, push me out the door, after first fixing that flat, which sadly defeated me before, or just gave my lazy ass a reason to bale on the actual, first attempted ride. I fixed that flat, threw on some comfy clothes, and a baseball cap, and out the door I went.
When I hit the main road down to the Alum Creek Greenway Trail, the first thought through my head was, “Damn it’s windy, maybe not such a good idea.”, but I had to push through that mental wall that I’ve allowed to keep me from this exact point. On I pedaled, with my Detroitech playlist running into my ears, and helping to encourage my legs, which quickly caught on to what was happening.
As I pedaled, I hit the trail, and the protection of the trees. It quickly became apparent how out of shape I was, but damn it felt good being on my bike, and pedaling again. It was a short ride, with a bit of rain, a young groundhog, squirrels galore, and other assorted woodland creatures.
I took a minute at my turnaround to snap a photo, then turned, and headed home.


The ride back was a little tougher, as my legs and body had figured out exactly what was going on, but they never quit, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
I can’t wait to get out, and ride again.

Ride safe ~


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