Future Dirt Dreams

My mind of late has been drifting to thoughts of dirt, riding dirt, trees, sweat, and the satisfaction of a hard ride done to the best of my poor abilities. Yet, this remains relegated to daydreams, as I currently am without a metal steed. Dirt Rag is the best kind of porn to help through a long dry spell, as is following my friend’s blogs, but like looking at actual down and dirty porn, it is, ultimately, unsatisfying.
Unfortunately, it has been a very long time since I’ve pedaled on dirt. As those of you who read my blog know, 2 1/2+ years ago I was forced to sell my beloved mountain bike to survive. Well I have, only just, begun to recover, how ever minutely, from my financial black hole. I’ve read other’s stories and know I’m not the only person in this predicament, but it’s tough none the less. I love mountain biking. I love bikes. Sadly, the idea of getting my hands on a bike is he farthest thing from my financial mind. Yet, there is a part of me that likes to replay the movies in my head from past rides. Whether here in Columbus ripping through the trees and maneuvering over the roots at Alum Creek to the fine desert riding I was fortunate enough to have done while in Utah. Trails such as Gooseberry Mesa, Navajo Lake, Bear Claw Poppy, Paradise, etc and with some of the coolest people. I currently live vicariously through the updates from the blogs of friends such as Jerry Hazard, photographer and bike nut. I also follow Lukas A.K.A. Mooseknuckler, a bike freak and all around stand up guy.
I dream of the day I will ride again, and I will damn it. When I can once again rip through the woods, and the desert, leaving all of my worries…in…the…dust.


Peace, Patrick


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