Injury Criterium Commuting Chamois

Yes it’s a strange title, It’s also almost 1 AM and almost feels too late to be posting, but alas, here I lay in bed and in the dark. It’s been a minute since I’ve posted, but I have still been pedaling, just a lil less. This week I had an excuse, though. Somehow I injured my left hand, possibly strained it at work during a heavy day of metal work. It took a few days of icing and Ibuprofen before I was feeling like I could ride comfortably. So, it was another week of only 2 pedal days, though the week before was actually inexcusable. I’ve let myself of the hook over that.
Last weekend was the Tour de Grandview here in Columbus. I made it out and caught the Juniors, the women’s, and the pro men’s races. I can’t say much about the event as a whole, because I thought it would be cool to take my dog, Henri, with me while I shot some photos and posted on Twitter. Little did I know he would require so much attention, especially if there were other dogs, and he wanted to make friends. So, I watched more that I shot, but I did manage some cool images, which I’ll soon post. I will say this, more people need to support women’s cycling, coming out only for the pro men’s race is tacky and seemingly chauvinistic. The women push themselves just as hard as their male counterparts, so show them some love. Nuff said.
My own bike commuting adventures, which include the two days last week, consisted of a car accident, a tractor trailer rig fire, donuts (mmmmmm, donuts), broken glass, kind drivers, iced coffee, seeing a cyclist get doored (he was, thankfully, ok), snobby cyclists, cool cyclist, a myriad of interesting pedestrians, a lovers quarrel in a car ( and out of a car), a squirrel leaping like Pepe LePeu, and great Friday ride in heat and sun. I’ve also eaten too much Salt & Pepper Tofu from an amazing local Asian restaurant called Lotus Leaf(not really it rocks).
I would also like to make all of you cycle weirdos aware of a new website called Chamois News in their own words “We report the best cycling news on the web whether it’s true or not.” It’s like The Onion, but for cyclist, and they’re damn funny. You can find the on Facebook or on Twitter ( @ChamoisNews ) also. Be sure to check ’em out for general anarchy and frivolity.

I am sleepy and will now let the sandman do his job, as he is getting impatient, and dropping grains of sand on me.

Thanks for stopping by, and good night, Patrick

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