I found out about these events from Seagull Bags via their Twitter profile @seagullbags  and CBusCycling614 on Tumblr. Head on over to their website and check out the amazing courier bags they have ( I will one day own one), and then follow them on Twitter. Then peep out CbusCycling614’s blog.

I will be doing my best to attend both events, only as an observer, photographer, bike weirdo, and blogger, so look for a future post regarding these two events.

*Click Images for More Info*

Peace, Patrick SSD Crew


One thought on “AlleyCatBikePoloColumbusOhio

  1. I do miss that urban stuff – and so does the wife. That means change is imminent. I’ll hip you to more about that soon, as it unfolds a bit.

    Wow, that inception poster looks just like a club a flyer – how far they have come! 😉 Last ones I saw were more punk-rock-xerox-y. I do look forward to the sharing of your experience there, both words and photos!

    Ever think about racing it? 🙂

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