SOUL10: Lukas

Here’s another edition of SOUL10, and I put 10 questions to friend, fellow blogger, and bike nut, Lukas Brinkerhoff. I met Lukas many moons ago when I lived in St. George, Utah. He was (is) a wrench at Red Rock Bicycles, and he had a passion for all things bike. Sadly, I never got to go ride with him, someday though. He is an adventurer, book lover, gardener, and a brilliant writer. Check out the answers he gave us, then head over to his blog Moose Knuckler Cycling Alliance or be sure to +Follow him on Twitter @MCAKnuckler.

1. Name?: Knuckler aka Lukas
2. Location?: SG, that’s short for Super Great or St. George, both located in Utah.
3. How Long Have You Been Riding?: I got my first bike when I was 4. I always thought everyone was a rider for life, but I have found that to not be true.
4. First Bike?: Kent BMX, orange-ish red. Way too big for me. I rode w/ training wheels for a few months until my dad took one off and I figured out the balancing thing.
5. Current Bike(s)?: First I would like to point out that my wife has more bikes than I do, but here’s the list: SBC Enduro Expert w/ full XTR kit, SBC S Works Stumpjumper HT singlespeed, Raleigh High Life single speed cross bike, Globe Live 3. The last one definitely gets the most use as it is the “crazy blue bike” I commute on.
6. Favorite Terrain?: I like it dirty but if there are two wheels under me I’m pretty happy.
7. Favorite Post Ride Food?: Beer.
8. Pet Peeve While Riding?: Oscars – people who won’t smile or interact with you.
9.What Do You Do For A Living?: I am a full time bicycle wrench, part time blogger.
10. Favorite Quote?: ” There’s nothing erotic about corporate fascism” – Casey O. Anderson.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out Lukas’ answers. Now go visit his blog.

Peace, Patrick SSD

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