False Security False Self Importance

HEY! HEY! Yea, you in that big metal box on four wheels. The one spewing smoke. The one with the kazoo for a muffler. The 4×4. I’m on a bike. Yes, only two wheels and no bodily protection like doors, airbags, and the like. Yet, I’m all too aware of this fact. I ride with no delusions. You on the other hand feel as if nothing can harm you, not even other metal boxes. You lack patience for not only me, but for each other. You honk and speed around each other, you pull out in front of each other and it seems you are always offended by everything. Yes, I see you waving your hands, and making poopy faces at other drivers. Where ever you are going, it’s oh so much more important than where anyone else is heading. That metal box so separates you from anything and everyone, you think of yourself as an island. Reality check, you’re not. Chill out for a minute, consider the others around you, they’re people too, humans who are just as important as you, no more and no less. Oh, yea, don’t forget about me, the one with the blinky tail light and two wheels. I’m there too, watching out for you’re crazy, impatient ass. Please chill, take a breath, you’ll get where you’re going safely, and your friends and family…and I, will thank you. Rant ended. Over and out! Thanks, Patrick SSD

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