SOUL10 : Benjamin Berry

This used to be called 10 Questions For Soul, but it has been a very long time since I had last posted something under this. I’ve revived it, and renamed it SOUL10. My friend Ben was gracious enough to be my first victim.
Ben and I go wwwaaayyy back, to somewhere in the early 90’s. We worked at OfficeMax together and caused the management much stress. We lost touch, like friends sometimes do, as they move around. We recently reconnected via Facebook and discovered we both have a love of all things bike…and hockey, specifically the Columbus Blue Jackets. He’s a triathlete and he blogs about it at Becoming Timberman . You can also follow him on Twitter: @techknowgn Enjoy!

1. Name?: Ben Berry
2.Location?: Currently Boston, MA but my wife’s recent Masters degree completion will likely soon have us in the wind.
3.How Long Have You Been Riding?: I started riding as a child, and rode through my first year of college, and then stopped riding for quite a few years. I started riding again in 2008.
4.First Bike?: First bike I can remember was a huffy BMX with a really big seat.
5.Current bike(s)?: I’ve got a 2008 Fuji Newest 1.0 road bike that I use for general riding and triathlons and a 2010 Trek 9500 Disc mountain bike that I ride in the rain and so far for the first of what will be several MTB races.
6.Favorite Place To Ride?: We did our first half-ironman in New Hampshire, and it was incredibly beautiful, but incredibly challenging as well. My favorite places are usually light on car traffic and heavy on nice roads or paths.
7.Favorite Post Ride Beverage?: I dont drink much other than gatorade, water or diet soda during triathlon season but my very rare beer these days is anything from the Trappist Monks of Belgium. I really like Chimay Blue.
8.Currently Listening To?: Of late I’ve been on a singer/songwriter kick, especially Jason Plumb & The Willing. He’s Canadian, but it reminds me of Michigan. And the new REM reminds of the REM of my youth.
9.Hobbies (Besides Bikes)?: Swimming, running, hockey, video games, writing/blogging, photography, sleeping
10.Last Book Read?: Sad to say the last book I read was a book on how to do my day job better “Writing User Stories”

Thanks again to Ben for his time.

Peace, Patrick SSD Crew

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