Another Fiver and a Bright, Gaseous Orb

Well, my ride home today marked the second full week (5 consecutive days) of commuting since I began riding in early March, attempting to make up for a deplorable lack of commuting and /or any bike riding last year. It makes me feel good that I can over-ride the mind’s efforts to get me not to ride, especially when the weather is less than savory. My ride home today was capped with much sun, which made for a beautiful ride home. Sun, that weird bright, gaseous orb, that has been absent for many a days now. I won’t even mention the “w” word, it has become such the norm when I ride, that when it finally chills out, I’ll feel lost…well. not really, but you get the gist.

Another video from an album I’ve been enjoying the hell out of:

Thanks for stopping by, Patrick


2 thoughts on “Another Fiver and a Bright, Gaseous Orb

    • Thanks for the support. It is so easy. My mind/ego is always playing that game with me…”go on, get in the car and drive. It’s warmer, drier, and quicker! Goooo ooonnnn, you know you want to.” LOL

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