Twitter, Sore Legs, & W*nd!’

Damn, my legs were/are sore from yesterday’s wind wall on the way home, yet, I got up and decided to pedal today. I’m a glutton for punishment indeed. It was windy as all heck last night, but it chilled out enough, that this morning, I figured I could hang, not too bad. My legs weren’t big fans of it though. The ride home proved to be a bit of a challenge, as a storm was moving in, so the wind began to pick up. My co-worker informed me that it was about 25mph. Nice! The temp was dropping as I pedaled home, and I could see that there was some pretty mean storm clouds giving me dirty looks from across the horizon. We new we had a race to see who could beat who. I rode into the wind, and pushed myself to keep up a decent pace. Again, my legs were not too happy, I mean they were sore, but seemed to understand what needed to be done, and they carried on like troopers. Thanks legs! I got home and about 10 minutes later, the wind really started gusting, and the cold rain began to fall hard. I’m glad I made it. Good ride overall.

I would also like to put out there that Soul Side Down is now on Twitter, so look me up, user name: soulsidedown and follow my commute observations, mad man style ramblings,  and pics.

I’ve really been digging on this music lately, check it:

Thanks for stopping by, Patrick


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