Rain…Oh Yea, and Wind!!!

I’m sure you saw my practice post earlier, and if not, I posted from my new BlackBerry. This post however, is on a old fashioned lap top.

It’s been a few days since my last post, but I have been riding at least two days a week, I’m up to three this week. Tomorrow might be too windy, but I’ll assess that situation tomorrow morning. Speaking of wind. Just when you didn’t think it could get any windier, it does. I thought it was pretty windy  back in March, hell, even this morning made those days seem easy. It was so windy this morning, there were white caps on the puddles on Marion and Refugee roads. Guess what? The ride home showed me that the wind was just getting started. First, let me state, that the wind does one thing in the spring, and it’s counter productive to my commute. In the morning it comes from the East, North-East, South-East, and every variation. This is exactly the way I’m pedaling. After work, it has changed direction to the opposite, it is now coming from the West, and all of it’s variations. The ride home was windy, and it got windier, way windier. I got a bit of a push up Parsons Ave, but I knew that the joy would be short lived, my route would soon be taking me head on into the wind. What a wind it was.  After I had passed through the cemetery, I chilled a minute at the back gate before heading into one long, gusty wind tunnel, that is SR62. this was the first time I took a few minutes to rest since I started commuting, I sipped some water and headed out into it. Damn, a slow grind all the way home, my jacket was snapping in the wind, and the best I could manage was a very slow 10mph, really.  On Monday though, the wind and I reached an agreement. See he’ll blow whenever, from where-ever, and how ever he wants, and I’ll continue to pedal through it. Good deal , huh?!

Oh, I forgot to mention rain…rain!

More wind tomorrow…lots-o-wind! Can’t wait for the weather to even out a bit.

Thanks for stopping by, Patrick


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