First 5, Bananas, LL Cool J, and Cypress Hill

This past week was my first 5 day commute….woot! It’s a personal milestone and long over due. I am quite pleased.

With this post, that is long over due, I am going to do a Cliff Notes kind of post. See, I’ve been taking notes about what I was going to post each day, but those plans always fell by the wayside as other things took my time. I am still more active here than I have been in the past, so there. Not everyday was necessarily post worthy, that is why the brief overview will keep you from being bored to tears. Oh, I am going to make an effort to take more pics along my commute, I tried the one day, but with a 9+ miles commute, one way, and in heavy traffic, I found the last thing on my mind is photos. I will work on this though. On we go. Enjoy!

Since I’ve started commuting by bike at the beginning of March, there have been some insanely cold, windy, rainy, snowy, and sore days, loaded with puddles, debris, potholes, flats, and crazy drivers. There are those moments when I am pedaling through all of this that L L Cool J’s “I’m Bad” pops in my head….and it’s not just me I think about, it’s all you other cyclists doing the same thing….so to twist the lyrics a bit “…I eat traffic like a cannibal, they call me insane…”

31 March

33*F Cloudy with slight wind. Always a cold start, oh warm weather where art thou? This day brought my first close encounters with four semi-trucks. The first three were all on SR62, two back to back then a third a little after. They were close, a little unnerving, but there was enough shoulder to allow me to move to a “safe” distance. All good. Whew. I stopped at Mae’s Produce for some fruity snacks, picked up two apples and two pears. Yummz! Onto Marion Road, the long, bumpy, stone-filled, pot hole ridden, industrial road….and semi number 4. I was just about to the end when I heard this truck coming, then, there it was. Right next to me…right….next…to…me. All I needed to do was swing my elbow out and I could have touch the trailer, of course this would have meant certain doom. I was actually a good bit unnerved. I had no real space to swing out, I  mean, other than to roll into gravel, deep holes, and then crash, which was beginning to look preferable to being squashed by an 18 wheeler. I was able to ride it out, and all turned out well. Damn, man, with 10, 000 lbs of vehicle, you figure he could swing out to his left just a bit, what cars are going to argue. Arrive at work safe. The ride home was nice, cool with a slight wind. One weird bit, I had someone one yell at me from on coming traffic. I was waiting at a red light between  two cars, one going straight, the other turning right, they didn’t seemed bothered by me, and by all rights, they had more of a reason than the other car and it’s occupant. So, I’m just chillin’ and I hear them yell, “Get on the sidewalk, silly” Really? I laughed and pedaled home. All good.

01 April

30*F Sunny and a whisper of wind, damn that felt good, no gorilla. 30*F and no wind is actually quite nice and fairly warm, relatively speaking. For the record the bike computer I have sucks. I’m not a data nut, but I do enjoy knowing ho far I’ve gone and the time I’ve spent on the bike, but the damn thing randomly resets itself. Oh, well, always a fresh start. Ride in to work was great, my legs felt in synch with me, and happy to be pedaling. Passed another commuter, he was as surprised to see me as I was to see him, we both issued each other a “Good morning” salutation. My boss brought in the Devil’s breakfast, donuts….I ate three with some coffee. Bad, Pat! Ride home good and quick…gotta burn off those donuts.

04 April

Warm, warm, and warm…Love it!  I think it was 59*F Oh, but there was a gorilla waiting to ride with me today, that’s spring for you. Yet, a warm wind is better than a cold wind, and less clothing is a bonus. Storm rolled in while I was at work, passed over, but drizzled a bit on the way home. Oh, yea, I had a gorilla with me for the ride home.

07 April

Cool and sunny ride into work….wind….always! On my way trough the cemetery I heard the Pileated Woodpecker, but couldn’t spot him, I also saw a raccoon heading home for the day…in a sewer. Windy ride home. I popped by library to pick up a new book, “The Heart of the Revolution:The Buddha’s Radical Teachings on Forgiveness, Compassion, and Kindness” by Noah Levine of the Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society. I read his other books and have been waiting for this one. Excited? Yes! Even stopping by the library, and with wind, I made great time getting home. Nice!

08 April

My day number 5 of my first solid week of commuting. It was a day that driving was looking really good. It was raining, steadily, and cold. I had to do it though, to complete that week. It was a wet and slightly miserable ride of unavoidable puddles, and heavy spray from trucks. For some reason I had Cypress Hill in my head on the way in “…Who you tryin’ to get crazy with ese?Don’t you know I’m loco?…” It was such a crappy day only a nut job is would be out in it…so here’s to all those nut jobs on bikes:

Ride home was pretty chill…except for the headwind. My legs were tired and looking forward to two days off.

A good week despite the crazy weather.


Thanks, Patrick


Oh yea….Bananas!


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