Bananas For My Gorilla

I pedaled today.

It was 33*F, overcast, and….well, I forgot to check the status of the air movement, A.K.A wind. I soon found out exactly how it was feeling this morning, coming from the North-East and cold. Yes, even though it was above freezing, barely, the wind took it down a few notches. Oh, the wind was also a head wind. Yay!!!

This was another morning that I was kind of doubting my decision to ride. The first10 minutes were tough, and I know know that eyeglasses are not protective against wind and snow/ice. Traffic was fairly chill this morning, light and in what seemed like a good mood….as far as cars and their inhabitants go. As I cruised through the cemetery, I realized it was relatively quite, which is odd, but I guess that the cold is even keeping the avian population in their nests a bit longer in the morning. Will winter ever break? This is one of the longest I remember. As I pedaled I realized that I had no snacks for work or energy/cereal bar. . My tummy wasn’t like the prospect of being empty at anytime during the day. I was pleased to finally have cash, so I stopped at Mae’s Produce stand on the corner of Parsons and Marion and purchased one bunch of bananas. My gorilla who had been riding with me this morning, was pleased. The lady running the place was so sweet. There were a few regulars chatting, and she asked me about riding in the cold. She had a great selection of local fruits and veggies. I’ll be making an effort to support her business, it’s local and independent. I’m down. I placed my newly acquired fruit in my backpack, and into the head wind and to work I went. Bananas and a headwind, what a combination. All things considered, I felt pretty good when I arrived a t work.

For lunch my boss, Tony, offered me some of his homemade vegan chili….which is yummz to the 10th degree. It gave me some much needed energy for my ride home.  Thanks, Tony!

About an hour before I was to get off of work, it started snowing and the wind picked up. Cool. Tony offered my a ride home, I thanked him, but declined. It was only wet, I mean there was snow on trees and in the grass, but the streets were only wet. Plus as they say, “you have to take the bad with the bad”….eerrr, wait, no, that’s not how it goes, but as of right now and in this Ohio winter that’s how it goes. I got changed into my riding clothes, with one addition, plastic bags in my shoes. I was most happy with this decision. I put water into my water bottles, though I’m not sure why, I never drink when it’s this cold, but you never know. I hopped on my bike and settled in for the ride home, along with PJ my gorilla, because the wind had changed direction and was now coming from the North-West, meaning headwind with a few bits of relief. Yay! It had stopped snowing, mostly, there were a few flurries of ice, which is how I found out that eyeglasses don’t protect your eyes. I’ll be damned if I didn’t get hit right on the eyeball more than a dozen plus times. That stings. The ride home was a bit tough, but I felt pretty good, even with the headwind, cold and snow/ice. Why? Because I was on my bike.

I got home took a too hot shower, and we ordered pizza veganized, no cheese, with lots of veggies. We killed it.


Thanks for stopping by, Patrick


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