3 Out of 5, A Gorilla Named PJ, & Roadkill

Today’s ride was day number 3 out of 5, and it was spontaneous, and almost too late to ride and get to work in a reasonable amount of time. Yet, the pedal bug bit me hard, so I rushed around the house getting ready. I got dressed, and luckily I checked the tires the night before (all good there), I peeped the weather online ( temp 28*F with a “light” SE wind about 6-8 MPH), so cold and windy. Nice! Well, not really.

Out the door, onto my steed, and off I went. The wind situation made itself known as soon as I hit the first busy road. I made a right hand turn, and the gorilla, whom I’ve named PJ, hopped on my back and settled in for his ride. See, his schedule is wide open on windy days, and he is more than happy to go where-ever I am headed. Today he was kind enough not to make it feel like my brakes were being pinched. Note to self, when the weather site says the wind is coming from the South-East, it will be a head wind all the way to work, with very little relief. So I pedaled, and it felt slow, but my legs were feeling good and my bike computer said I was pushing along pretty well, but the cold wind was tough. I actually felt like I had made a bad decision in riding, even with my head and face covered, the cold wind hurt where-ever it crept in. So for the first 15 minutes or so, I had great doubts. That all began to wane fairly quickly as I pedaled and began to heat up,  then it didn’t seem so bad. The ride was mostly uneventful, with the exception of the realization, that with warmer weather (though not this morning) comes…roadkill. Ewww!  But as Mr. Tom Waits says “…’Cause road kill has it’s seasons, Just like anything, It’s possums in the autumn, And it’s farm cats in the spring…” Some is bad, some not so bad, but it’s death all the same, people just don’t watch. The last bit of the ride in was tough, PJ had at that point, pretty much drained my energy, all I was thinking on my last stretch of road was, “All the way, all the f-ing way.” Yep, the wind had done a number on me, I was whipped when I rolled into work, but felt good that I chose to ride.

It took a good bit of the day, but I recovered and wasn’t dreading the ride home. It was still fairly cold out and no sun, the wind had died down a good bit, so I had no company from PJ on the ride home. I actually moved a pretty good clip, averaging 13.6 MPH. My legs felt strong and that gave me more confidence in traffic, so I moved smoothly along Parson’s Ave., not putting my feet down once, which is nice. I practice my track stands more now, and it feels good when I have a long run. I cruised through Greenlawn Cemetery, hearing familiar bird sounds, but not taking time to look. I was on a mission to get home, I had a date with my girlfriend, and my mom, and my sister who was down here for work. I was excited to see my mom, whom I haven’t seen since X-Mas .

I arrived home a bit tired, but safe. Showered and off to dinner we went, which happened to be Thai at Basil in the Short North. They have some of the best vegan Pad-Thai, it’s so spicy. Yum to the 10th degree.

I’m tired and will be going to bed after I post this.


Thanks for stopping by and reading, Patrick


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