A Warm Flat

Love the warmer weather, which is to be short lived. Poo!

Monday’s ride was super chill. Ride into work was over cast, but the warm temps made it a great ride. My legs were feeling better and stronger after the weekend off. My journey through Greenlawn Cemetery is always a treat especially when I see and hear birds new to me. Well, I saw a new one and still haven’t identified it…poo! The rest of the ride to work was pretty uneventful. The ride home was another matter. It was amazingly warm, one of the warmest yet. For the record,  again,  I love warm weather. I was just a little more than half way home, when I had that bad feeling, and it was coming from my rear tire. Slowly, the road was becoming rougher. “No, No, No…F*CK!” My first flat of the season, yay! I just wanted to make it so me place safer than my current location, which happens to be a no man’s land of freeway on and off ramps and an overpass. Fate smiled upon me and my tire held out until I had gotten through that mess. I found a stack of bricks and proceeded to change out the inner-tube. Inspected the tire and found nothing. Must have been a bit of the old in-out. Change complete. Onward I went, home-bound. The rest of the ride, was just enjoying the warm temps and a slight head wind. Traffic was agreeable and people in their cars were as courteous as one could expect.

Tuesday’s ride began with the sequel to the previous night. This time my front tire was flat. Whatever had done in my rear tire, must have also punctured my front. Needless to say, one, I should have peeped the tires the night before, and two, I was late getting off to work. I almost considered driving, but no. My legs still felt good, and I was making decent time, my average speed was 13.6 MPH, yea not all that fast to most of you I’m sure, but a vast improvement for my old ass. All in all an overall uneventful ride, other than a bit of anxiety regarding flat tires. But all was good, I juts steered clear of any surly looking patches of debris in the road. I also discovered an easy way to acquire a tasty soda beverage without having to lock up my bike…a drive through carry-out. The owner was pleasantly surprised when I popped up to his window. I bought my cola beverage (which tasted so yums), and he proceeded to ask me questions about my commute. Which was cool. He’ll be seeing me more as the temps start to heat up. Day two, great ride.

Last tow days the weather hasn’t been agreeable. It’s colder, windier, and wet. As I’ve said, wet and cold I am not prepared for. So no riding. Maybe Friday. I can handle just cold.



Thanks, Patrick


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