Day(s) Late and a $ Short

I have been a bad boy. I’ve been commuting to work and not posting, thinking about it, but not posting. This is the third week I’ve ridden ( Though I haven’t ridden every single day, I’ll be working up to riding more than driving.) So, I’m going to condense it all in this post.  That way I’ll be up to date and able to keep up. Yea right! It’s a pie crust promise, but I will attempt to do a better job. On we go.

My first day was Wed, three weeks ago. It was 23 degrees, but sunny which was nice. I almost allowed my ego to talk me out of ridding. It was later than I wanted to leave and cold, but I work for some of the coolest guys and knew they would be chill with me rolling in about 15 minutes late. Plus I had to do this. Why? Because last year was an abysmal year for bike riding, and by that, I mean I rode a total of three days.   I allowed myself to get lazy and paid the price. 2011 is for getting back on track.

DAY 1: Riding was cold, and riding in cold weather is tough. It takes it all out of you. I will be better prepared for next winter, with better clothing. All in all a good day of riding in which my legs were feeling pretty good,  but the first day always goes well. It’s the second day, after the legs realize that you’re not just giving up and that you’re going to continue that they begin to feel  like they need to protest a bit. Which is fair, since I neglected them last year.

DAY 2: Figures the second day was a wind festival, and I was blessed with a head wind to and from work. ! Oh and it was cold! That is all.

DAY 3: It was a better day. Legs were still feeling a it off, but good none the less. It was slightly warmer with a mild breeze. Traffic and the people in their cars were pretty cool. I had many a driver wait for me to pass or flag me to do so, which is super nice. I smile and wave at each of them. Not all drivers are jerks.

DAY 4: A fairly mild morning, but it was overcast ans raining, which oddly enough made for a great ride. Weird I know. I took a slightly different route, and saw a lady standing outside a local food bank. I waved and said “morning!” She at first wasn’t sure what to do, but then she pulled her hand out of her pocket smiled and said “morning!” back at me. I wonder what she was thinking.  It was warmer on the way home. Greenlawn Cemetery has switched hours, so they are now open until 7, and that makes my commute that much easier. Plus, as any of you that have followed this blog know, I love that ride through Greenlawn. It’s so beautiful and peaceful, also, no traffic. Nice! I had just finished the little kicker climb at the cemetery, when I heard a familiar bird sound. I turned around and searched the trees in the direction in which I had heard the call, and sure enough, I saw a Pileated Woodpecker. Sweet! Yea, I’m a bit of a bird nerd, thanks to my father (R.I.P.)

DAY 5: Today was cool morning. I under dressed a bit, but I also knew it would be warm later for the ride home. Traffic was good again. Got to work in 40 minutes, which is actually pretty good. I was hungry all day, I snacked and couldn’t wait for lunch. I need to get more food into my engine. The ride home was bliss. Only a t-shirt and my knickers. Okay, the temperature was bliss, about 67 degrees, the wind on the other hand was another matter completely. Oh, wind, you are an invisible gorilla that climbs on my back and seems to pinch my brakes so I feel like I’m getting nowhere very slowly. A good ride all the same. I love the warmer weather, and look forward to more.

So, that’s the CliffNotes style break down of my commute so far. Hopefully, I’ll keep up and have more in depth post from now on.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Peace, Patrick

Enjoy this Mark Ronson video:


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