Winter Thaw!

Well, winter is coming to and end. The sun has decided to start showing up more than once a month, and it now actually has warming qualities….much love there. I have made it through winter, but as spring approaches, I have the realization that I have no mountain bike. If you remember I had to sell mine back in the fall to support myself after a divorce. the good news is I may be getting an older Santa Cruz Bullet from a friend, cheap. I’m excited that he’s willing to sell it to me…I am smiling mucho grande right now. As the days warm up, I am needing to get my commuter ready to ride. The long winter has me feeling pretty out of shape and with a deep desire to pedal. I’ll be more active here in the coming months. My life is getting back on track and everyday brings deeper healing. Hope you all had a great winter…but I’m sure we’re looking forward to sun, warmth, and lots of pedaling. Ride Safe.




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