Head Fog:Cleared

So, I woke up this morning, cranky as cranky can be. My head had a fog that seemed to reach all the way into my subconscious and beyond, and I felt ready to scream at anything or anyone, and had too many urges to just break down and cry. Not sure, could be the whole major change in my life, but I need to get my head cleared. I thought, “I need to get out and ride my bike through the woods”, and damn it I was going to. The sun was out and it was cool autumn day. I got a grocery list together, so I could do my shopping post ride, filled the CamelBak, ate a pb&j, loaded the bike and off I went. Straight to the trail head, no stops, no Gatorade/Powerade, no salty snacks, just a deep desire to out ride the fog in my head. I pulled into the lot, only a few cars, nice! I unloaded my steed, did a quick check, got my gear on, and off into the woods I went. It was much cooler than the last time I was out 2 weeks ago, and the other big change, aside from the temp, was that the trees had pretty much dropped all of their little solar panels, better known as leaves. The sun poured in and the forest floor was on fire with the remnants of one of the most beautiful autumns in recent memory. This also made riding much more tricky, it was a moist week and those leaves kept it nice and damp, and the roots underneath were all too eager to make it as difficult as possible. I came across a doe chilling along the trail. When I saw her, I stopped about 15 feet from her. We just stared at each other, she was just interested in getting something to eat, I said “Hi” to her, apologized for startling her, backed up my bike and took another path around her. She just stood there eating, and watched me ride out of sight. Nice! I rolled though the trees, up, down and over roots and obstacles. Down hills, and pushed hard up hills, the wet leaves made climbing a bit of a challenge, and add wet roots under there, and it was down right near impossible, but I rode on. I pushed myself even harder this ride, that damn fog wasn’t wanting to let go, it took a bit of pain to help break it up, and begin to dissipate it.  The music running into my cranium, for those who might be curious, was Boom Bip & Dose One’s ‘Circle’ at the beginning, and The Postal Service towards the end. About half way into my ride, that fog all up in my head, began to break up and fall off on the trail, and I began to feel better, tired, but better. The ride was, for the most part, without incident. I did manage to stay on my bike, only a few roots almost had me off and on the trail, but I was able to correct and save my ass. I did have one good scare, and it would have ended badly had it gone south. On one of the descents towards the end, was covered in mucho leaves, and under those leaves, hungry roots…hungry for bike and people carnage. This decent also lead to a bridge crossing, that bridge being about maybe 3 feet wide, going over a small ravine. As I rolled into this decent, being well aware of the slippery nature of the leaves and roots, I had my eye on the bridge, where I wanted to go. Nature had another plan, and it was conspiring to redirect me off right into the ravine, and it damn near had me. I almost missed the bridge by inches, but I managed to get that front wheel on, and the back wheel followed. I let out a loud “wwwwwwwhhhoooaaaaaa!!!!” and smiled as I rode up the other side, heart beating a little faster and feeling damn happy I didn’t end up in the ravine, bad things would have followed. Good times. I hammered it the rest of the way, slipping on roots a few more times, and rolled out of the woods to my car. Tired and a little beat, but I was in much better mood than when I started, and wasn’t that the point. I craved a cola. I did my shopping on that end of town, and had to stop at Whole Foods, I picked up one of their natural colas and it was damn tasty, just what I was feeling. Yum!!! Another good ride and another good therapy session. I love my bike.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, Patrick

Here are a few videos from the music on my ride, enjoy!

This one above is just music, no video, but it’s the shit!

Peace! Ride Safe!!!


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