All Halloween Orange and Chimney Red

I’m going to be a nerd here for a minute, but points to anyone who knows where the title to this post comes from.

This post is days late, but this is the first time I’ve allowed myself to sit at the computer long enough to write.

Sunday afternoon, I was chatting online with a friend when, I realized that I hadn’t been out riding in weeks. My life has been so friggin’ crazy lately, that, sadly, I often push riding to the back burner, when in reality it’s the one thing that should be damn near a priority. It keeps my head together, as those of you who follow, will know from past posts. So as I was chatting with said friend online, I mentioned how nice it was outside, what with that strange glowing object up in the odd blue colored sky, it would be a good day to ride. Then, I decided to do just that. I told her I would catch her on the flip side, and that I was going riding…on a impulse, but it had to be done. Those who ride bikes, knows the feeling. I dressed for the cooler weather, loaded the bike and headed off to Alum Creek on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I stopped at the BP for some Powerade and salty snacks for post ride, and I was off to the trail head. Pulled in to the lot, only a few cars, less than a half dozen…nice. The trees were starting to change, but all of the maples were on fire. Hence the title of this post. A picture could not have done it justice, yet if I would have had a camera, I would have done my best to capture it.

I geared up, and off I went, into the crisp air of the woods. The first thing to hit me was the smell, that autumn smell of dry leaves. The leaves covered the trail in a patchwork of colors that reminds one of a country quilt. I realized after some time that I couldn’t see the trail all that well, but I was riding it,  just feeling the flow and going with it. The riders before had of course compressed the leaves, but the leaves still covered the trail, rendering many roots and the trail invisible. Surprisingly, even with the moderate dampness, nothing was too slippery. I pushed myself a little harder than normal, but I realized that’s something I do, when riding alone…push my body harder. Not sure why either. I hit most of the obstacles, a few, my legs weren’t feeling it when I got to them, so I passed. The sun poured through the now sparse canopy, lighting the remaining leaves on the trees on fire. I smiled and the music from my MP3 player flowed as well as the trail, and for those who are curious, the ride started with The Postal Service and then ended with Atmosphere. Both were just perfect for how I was feeling and how the ride was going. I managed to not fall off my bike, barely, but I did smack some fingers on a sapling and fully shoulder a tree, which was on the way out of the trail, but neither of them stopped my flow, too much. OK, the shoulder hit slowed me a bit, and it did hurt, but I just pushed through it and finished the climb out. Good Times.

I need to ride more.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, Patrick

Title Hint: “…he got a gallon of
gas in a can, drove home, doused
everything in the house, torched it,
parked across the street, laughing,
watching it burn, all Halloween
orange and chimney red…

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