Dust, Heat, Humidity, and a Solo Ride

Well, today was a bit tough. My mind needed to be cleared and getting out of the house was the best thing I could do. I thought, a bike ride would be good…off road…with lots of climbing, something to help get the noise out of my head. I tossed my mountain bike into the back of the car, grabbed my CamelBack, the iPod, and out the door I went. The sun was high in the sky and the heat was right up there with it. I drove up to Alum Creek, stopped at a BP for some Powerade and then on to the trail head, PhaseI again. It was weird to be riding alone, never done it. It was a spontaneous decision and I needed the trees whipping past my head, the roots grabbing at my tires, and the dust and heat to purge my head. I geared up and was off. The music for my ride, and it seemed too damn appropriate, was Four Tet’s ‘Rounds’….f-ing brilliant. As I pedaled into the trees, realizing I was alone on my bike, my soul opened up and, the cobwebs in my head fell away and it was just me, the bike and the trail.  Today’s ride was a bit easier than last weekend, but it was still  an ass kicker all the same. I bombed down any decent, and pushed myself to complete any climb, not all were completed, but I gave it my all…next time I’ll get them. I did make it up the climb to the parking lot, it’s not that’s it’s hard, but if you loss your momentum…screwed…and I did get screwed, but I turned the bike around, walked a good distance back, hopped on the bike and pedaled my ass of f, and up and out I went…sweet!   The days events are now exorcised. I am chilling at my local coffee house drinking an iced Americano with three shots of espresso, and eating spicy fries…yyyuuummm! Have a good week and ride safe.

Peace, Patrick


2 thoughts on “Dust, Heat, Humidity, and a Solo Ride

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    • Sorry it took so long for a reply. Haven’t been around in a lllooonnggg time. Thanks so much for the super kind words. I do appreciate it.

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