Mud, Roots, and an Ass Kicking

After a long hiatus, I was  coaxed to go mountain biking….well, not coaxed, just asked by a friend, who was looking to ride with someone. Now, I’m not sure that I was the best pick, but I went all the same. See, he rides…lets just say he’s fast. His endurance and skills are a bit more polished than mine. I’m down right rusty, not that I’ve forgotten how to ride a bike, but it’s been almost a year since my ass was out in the woods, and pedaling a mountain bike is nothing like a road bike. Dig? I picked him up and off we went. We drove up to Alum Creek State Park to ride phase 1. Got our gear on, and a pedaling we went. It didn’t take me too long to figure out that my level of physical fitness on a mountain bike is…well, poor.  I toughed it out, it felt good pushing myself that hard, getting the cobwebs out of my head, focusing on the task at hand…not falling off, as I ripped through the trees.  My friend was kind enough to periodically stop to make sure my slow ass was still up right and pedaling…it was. We flew (he flew, I moved briskly) through the trail, dodging trees, riding obstacles, crossing bridges, grinding up climbs, and bombing down hills, and almost eating shit a couple times. I was beat by the time I reached the end of the trail, so much so, I couldn’t get the last couple rotations to get up the final climb..almost, but not quite. Next time I’ll get it. I felt beat, but good as we chilled by the car downing Gatorade. I can’t wait to go again, but I’m thinking I’ll need to sell my current ride for a more reasonable one, more of a cross country style bike as opposed to my downhill-ish ride. It’s a bit too much to be pushing around here, it was great out west, but it was too much work. It will be missed, when I finally have to part ways, but my rides will be more enjoyable on a more appropriate bike for Ohio riding conditions.

Ride Safe!

Peace, Patrick


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