Non-Pedal Day….

…Ass is kicked.

Well, friends, my ass has officially been kicked. Kicked across 5 days and 101 point-some-odd-miles, poor eating habits, improper sleep, poor hydration, and just pushing myself too hard when I rode. I wanted to ride today, believe you me, but my body knows better and set me on the bench. I had to listen. My head is swimming, my legs are unhappy, but I feel better this evening having not ridden today, and after having consumed much H2O. I can’t get enough food into my body, it just burns right through it. Hell, I figured I had enough pasta for dinner and bread, nope  I am hungry again. My body has some recovering to do. So, no riding tomorrow either. It’s all good. I look forward to picking up next week, well rested, hydrated, and fed. Ya, dig?

Peace, Patrick


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