To The Bone, Fatigue, and Loud Ass Music

First, I am tired as hell. In my 5 days of  riding and  accumulating 101 miles, I realized that I haven’t gotten the proper amount of rest and haven’t been eating to fuel that kind of ride. Me thinks I need to approach this from another angle, well at least adjust my eating habits to accommodate the energy my body is using, more carbs, protein, and fluids to help my muscles recover. I’ll be researching that this evening. Any advice is welcome from fellow riders.

This morning, for most, would have had them rethinking riding a bike. It was pissing rain and the humidity was 95%.  I was tired, but It has felt so good riding, and not riding would be to easy. It wasn’t the least bit comfortable today, riding in the rain, but that’s part of life, and riding a bike as uncomfortable as it was, is still better than being locked in a box moving though traffic like a zombie. But that just me. I still drive when I have to, but the bike is preferable. Rant ended. I was soaked to the bone when I arrived at work. The rain jacket I had on was just a catch for my sweat (95% humidity), so despite having it on to protect me from the rain, I was soaking myself from the inside. I would have been just as well with it off, except it’s a high visibility yellow…safety first.  Riding through the cemetery, I saw a raccoon heading home after a night out, the mist hanging heavily in the air, he/she scurried for the nearest storm drain. The moisture gave everything the cleanest smell. Weird, huh? I seem to be on a scent kick. The ride home was dry and hot, again, the humidity was somewhere in the vicinity of riding in a pool. I stopped a the local java  joint for an iced Americano and a vegan chocolate cookie from Patty Cake Vegan Bakery. Read a little bit, then headed home to post this, do chores, make some dinner, maybe watch a movie, and get to bed at a reasonable time. Uuummm, yea, right.

Loud Ass Music: listening to Underoath Survive:Kaleidoscope

Scent of the Day: City Bus (I rode by as the door opened to let someone off. If you’ve ridden a bus, you know)

Ride Safe!

Peace, Patrick


2 thoughts on “To The Bone, Fatigue, and Loud Ass Music

  1. My weekly commute totals about 100 miles over 5 days as well. My advice is to drink a lot of water and remember to stretch a bit after your rides even if you don’t think you need to. As far as energy for the ride, I favor some buttered wheat toast in the morning, I don’t know if its healthy but it keeps me fueled as I ride in to work each morning.

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