A Big Smile, Irrate Drivers, and a Good Ride

Well, I am on a friggin’ roll with riding my bike and it feels damn good. I know, I am not exceptional, but for me, it is important. Yesterday was a good ride, and in the morning I had a weird thought pass through my mind, but first, my near hit story for the day. It was about half way through my ride home, coming up to an intersection that has a right turn specific lane and a straight specific lane, the road I am coming off just transitions in to these lanes, when I am riding into this intersection I just ride right into the straight lane, well apparently I had broken someones speedy flow to turn right, and they got as close as they could to me without hitting me and all I heard come out of the car was “…..fuck….”, then as they passed the rear passenger gave me a hard look, but I refused to walk into that one, and kept pedaling. Hell, I was still upright, and unharmed, what would responding have done…I’ll tell you, I would have gotten my ass stomped by three shirtless guys in a copper Monte Carlo. Uuummm, no thanks! Plus I was still smiling from  brief encounter a little before that. I was riding  and was coming up to a bus stop, a lady was leaning out to look for the bus. As I approached I saw she had her little daughter with her, that poor little girl wasn’t paying attention and I startled her. She recoiled, but she gave me the biggest smile and said “Hi”, in a matter of seconds, I was able to smile back and say “Hi” back to her as I rode by, she was still smiling and you know what, so was I. That my friends, makes the bike so much more than a thing to pedal, you’re not boxed in, closed off from your environment. No, you are connected to those you run across, and that one encounter with her cheerful greeting, trumped the boneheads in their car.

Now my weird idea, a list of smells I encounter on my commute  in no particular order, and some more than once…I’ll put a plus next to those. Here we go: damp air, moist earth, gasoline, oil, exhaust, perfume(+), cologne(+), cigarettes(+), pot (+), hot metal, sewage, decomposing roadkill, stagnant puddles, water, flowers, car fresheners(+), pizza, deep fried something, burning wood/leaves, someone grilling, and garbage. I think that’s it or at least all I can recall. I’ll add to the list daily if something else comes up. Weird, huh?  I am a bit weird like that.

Today’s ride was an ass kicker, it was hot (love it), and a decent headwind, but still better than  being in a car. Right?

Ride Safe.

Peace, Patrick


2 thoughts on “A Big Smile, Irrate Drivers, and a Good Ride

  1. Hey cool piece. I could really hear your voice as I read this. Good point of view and great memory of over a dozen smells. Entertaining. I posted the ducks on FB! Maybe slow down in the intersections! Insisting on your right of way when the adversary is in a speeding bullet….hair raising read! Well maybe I misunderstood the details…still…i imagine that you are going full force thru these intersections..nag nag.

    • Hey, K I’m glad you dig the piece. The smell/scent thing just hit me the one day while riding. I am actually really good about being aware of vehicles behind me, but he was moving faster than I thought, but still, it wouldn’t have slowed him down all that much to wait for me. Thanks for your concern for my safety, it is appreciated. I’m as safe as I can be on a bike. Peace!

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