Near Hit…Not near Miss

The title comes from a George Carlin routine on Plane Safety, peep the video at the end of this post.

Why that title? Today, I refused to listen to my legs, who as you know from a recent post, have their own union (LEGS Local #614) and they didn’t see any good reason to have to work on a Friday, but I had to veto their no work vote and make them work anyway. They did so reluctantly. The ride into work was cool and dry, plus I had the sun to greet me, which is always a bonus. Thankfully an uneventful ride that the legs decided wasn’t so bad. Thanks guys. The ride home was a bit more…interesting. When I made my first turn to head west….bam…headwind. Same as yesterday, but I just smiled and pedaled, because pedaling even into a headwind is better than dealing with traffic from in a car. I started to realize that traffic was rather heavy, even for a Friday at 4:30pm. No worries for 3/4 of my commute, it was a bit more difficult getting across traffic at certain points, but nothing that un-nerved me. As always, and you’ll get sick of me saying this, Greenlawn Cemetery was a nice ride and a good break from the traffic.  It wasn’t until I got to the construction zone that I had to really work the bike and pay attention to the glut of traffic. See, there really isn’t a place for a bike here, it’s two lanes, absolutely no shoulder, orange barrels to the right, and a good 2-3 foot drop in some areas where they’ve tore up the road. So, it was me and many cars trying to work our way through. Now I don’t ride my bike to wait in traffic, so I do my best to move along, safely, the right side, maneuvering between the cars and orange barrels. All the while trying to read the cars like a big chess game, trying to figure out what their move is going to be…and that is tough. So, in the span of less than a mile I was almost side swiped twice, and damn near plowed down by a guy in a hurry and on his phone in a f*cking Escalade. I read him and prepared to brake, he just about turned into me, but as fate would have it he saw me and stopped, but I would have stopped…I think…in time. In a final push I got out of the construction intact, but a bit un-nerved.  Whew!  The last part of the commute was just as busy, but not nearly as hairy. I was beat by the time I rolled into the neighborhood. Yet, I would gladly ride my bike any day because…well…bike rock. Ya dig?

Ride Safe!

Enjoy the video below!

Peace, Patrick


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