July…July, Can You Believe it?

Damn, time does fly. Though I haven’t posted anything in a while, I have still been riding. The last two weeks not so much, work has been crazy.  I did say “F*ck It!” last night and got my stuff ready. Checked the bike over, pumped up the tires,  prepped the water bottles, and cleaned out and organized the messenger bag. It was, by most peoples standards, a crappy morning, over cast, and raining, but not me, no sir. It was something I had to do. Nothing clears the head when your having some personal troubles, like riding your bike. No? The roads were good, wet and filthy. Oodles of puddles and too much construction. I hit the road and was off, smiling and running my route through my head. The rain was on and not quite off, more like on and mist.  Strangely traffic was pleasantly low, not too many cars, but then again, it doesn’t take too many cars to hit you…just one. But, I was enjoying the light traffic. The ride through the construction zone wasn’t too bad actually, I cruised through it pretty quickly. From there it was smooth riding. I loved riding through Greenlawn Cemetery this morning, the moisture brought all of the plants to life, especially the smell, it was so clean. It’s always my favorite part of the ride, the locals are quiet (for now LOL) and the wildlife is amazing. The rest of the way was spent trying to clear my head. Over all a good ride. Can’t wait to ride home and do it again tomorrow. Peace!


2 thoughts on “July…July, Can You Believe it?

    • Yes, we are lucky that with rain it doesn’t mean lightening, actually it’s quite rare unless its a killer storm. I do remember the storms out west…and I miss them.

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