A Local Bike Shop & Bike Lust

We’ve popped in and out of local bike shop Paradise Garage on our excursions to Gallery Hop and when we just visit the Short North.  To be quite honest the very first time we stopped in after it opened, I thought it felt a bit snobby and didn’t seem very inclusive, I now know I was a jerky monkey and completely wrong. Over time as we visited I began to realize what it was they were aiming for, to get urbanites on bikes and loving it. Then, each time we visited found my first initial reaction being worn to nothing, and a new appreciation for this gem of Columbus arose.  The staff is super cool, helpful, and damn-it they love bikes and they love Columbus. They carry a variety of local goods from Octopus Cycling Caps to local screen printers Ohio Bandits (of which I now own their Ohio Roots design)

The bike selection is eclectic and consists of smaller companies, many from Europe. Lots of fixies, but also a great selection of 3-speeds and some geared rides like the Redline Metro 9 (See image below & click it for info- dig it!)

They have oodles of accessories for your urban commuting and excursions, lights, bells, helmets, locks, fenders, etc. There is also a keen selection of clothing to outfit you so you look just as good as your bike while cruising through this great city.

But I also fell in love there last night and the cool thing is my wife isn’t bothered one bit. See, it happens to be a bike and it tops my bike list of lust. It’s the Pashley Guv’nor 3-speed (remember my bad knee), hand built in England from a design they originally released in the 1930’s. It’s a dream to be sure, but with a price tag that keeps is so…for now. Peep the link to the Pashley site and prepare to lose your heart to a bike. Ch-Ch-Check it out> Pashley Gov’nor

So, if by chance any of you at Paradise Garage happen to read this blog, you have a most happy customer who will be frequenting your establishment.

Viva La Velo!

Peace, Patrick

I’ve also included a video that features Tim Curry singing “Paradise Garage” about the late 70’s New York club of the same name. I don’t know if the bike shop owners were influenced by this but enjoy!!!


One thought on “A Local Bike Shop & Bike Lust

  1. Hey! That Pashley is sick – the whole lineup is pretty cool actually.

    keen to read that you are still on the bike, commuting and all that. Keep it up! Careful with the knee of course… my left one is getting a calcium deposit or something on it that will require medical attention… someday… ha. insurance sucks.

    I’d love to pedal that Pashley around here/durango.. the singlespeed/urban track bike craze is finally taking root here. Lots of hipsters, lol.

    However, I’ve just moved 30+ miles away from town, to smaller town called Bayfield, in a subdivision sort of place called “forest lakes”. Its sort of like a giant campground full of nice houses… strange, and I’ll fill you in on soon.

    so, commuting on the fixie is pretty much out of the question now. bummer. but I am near about 80 miles of jeep and forest service roads to get lost on…

    anyhow, my whole deal for responding here is, to let you know I’m still reading of course, and that I ran across another little bike company, you may or may not be familiar with it.. its more a budget bike operation, but pretty cool:
    color coordinate your own fixie for under 4 bills, not too shabby.

    Okay, have to run, just wanted to shout out, and I dig the updates here, and the snapshots into your lives in C’bus. Talk at you soon!


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