Gangster Boogie: My Ride

I’ve never posted an image of my ride so here it is. It’s the Specialized Langster Chicago edition. I’ve had it since I lived in Utah, but it saw very little ride time until recently. I was hooked on my OG Langster, but the gearing(48×16) on that monster is too f-ing big for my commute and it smashed my legs, plus I’ve got a knee that’s seen much action and injury in my life, so the doc says arthritis is a guarantee. The gearing on the Gangster is 42×16 which is managable right now, more spinning, less grinding. My legs feel better for it. So I hope you dig the pics and I also included a Schooly D track “Gangster Boogie”, because, well it a sick track from back in the day (I’m old enough to say it,  ’cause I was a teen when it came out LOL)  and it pops into my head, along with NWA’s “Gangster Gangster” everytime I climb in the saddle…good stuff, yo!

Chicago, punk!

Chicago, punk!

Gangster Boogie!!!

Gangster Boogie!!!

Thanks for viewing – Patrick SSD Crew


2 thoughts on “Gangster Boogie: My Ride

  1. Awesome.

    Thats…uh…gangster 🙂

    And i understand the arthritis outlook. Its on my horizon for sure…cant wait. ugh.

    • Of course the gangster stuff is all tongue & cheek 😉 It’s just a fun ride, the top tube actually has a cityscape of Chicago with Al Capone and some liquor barrels.
      Ugh for sure about the arthritis, but life is life…aye?


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