The Commute: Sore Legs, Bad Brakes, and A Wind Whipping

Sorry, I haven’t posted since my last one about 2 weeks ago. Well, As of that last post, that weeks commute failed miserably…I rode one day…my head hangs in shame.  This week however, I have made up for that quite well thank you. I have found out a couple things about me and my bike…and the commute. Monday was a good day, but lots of roadkill to dodge…a bird, two opossums, and a squirrel…I think. I always feel sad when I come across that, but it was a good day none the less. Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, turned into a very long riding day. I commuted to work, got home and my wife asked if I wanted to ride back into to downtown to get dinner and stop at the local brewery for a pint ( I love her). So, being warmed up from the ride home, and not realizing how tired I was, we saddled up and headed out on a beautiful St. Pat’s Day. It was rush hour traffic, but the ride was smooth and with no troubles. We got to German Village, ate at Chipotle ( used our free burrito bag…yyyuuummm) and then headed to the north side of down town to Barley’s Ale House. My legs were feeling the effects of the day already, and we still had to pedal home. We rolled into Barley’s which was surprisingly not crowded, but that was just fine with us. We grabbed a table and I ordered our beers. I got the Barley’s Irish Rogue (on Tuesdays you get a 20oz for the price of a 16oz…hell yea) and my wife got Barley’s Frambwha!? (<click the lick to check it out) We drank out beers had some good conversation, realized how tired we were, headed home. The ride home was a drag, my legs were burnt. All in all, I did about 35+ miles on that day…which turned into a gimme for Wed, so I took a day off of riding to give my legs a rest. I rode on Thursday, but on the way home my legs were, again, not happy…plus the added wind whipping kicked my ass.  So, Friday is an off day for riding. I’m looking into a different gearing set up than the one I currently have. I think I’m pushing too big a gear (48×16) everyday, and my legs aren’t getting a chance to recover proper, so I’m doing more damage than good at this point. More on the gearing thing this week end as I prepare my other bike with easier gearing (42x 16 or 18) and fixed. We’ll see.  I’ll also be posting some pictures this weekend of stuff I came across on my commute.

Thanks for reading … RIDE SAFE, Patrick


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