Winter Breaks, Birds Sing, and Laziness Vanquished

Yes, winter is beginning to break, song birds are slowly returning, and as for the vanquishing thing, well that’s a bit of a stretch. So, I haven’t completely vanquished laziness yet, but it has been since early January that I’ve been on my bike, sad, I know. When the really cold weather hit and the snow piled high, my 10+ mile commute looked less and less like a desire-able thing. Plus pushing the mountain bike in snow for that distance, much of in, near, and around traffic just didn’t jazz me. I’m okay with that, but I allowed the laziness to take root and they went deep. I could think of hundreds of reasons not to ride, my mind waged battle daily, and well it won. My bike has sat alone in the garage for the past two months, and damn-it it’s going to stop. I’ll be prepping the bike this weekend, putting on some new handle bars and getting it ready for the commute on Monday. My biggest concern now is, as I mentioned in a previous post, they have officially closed Clime Road, so all of that traffic is now on the only other out road here and that happens to be the one I ride on. Traffic has effectively doubled, if not tripled, on Alkire road, lines are long and room is scarce. The narrow train underpass(I’ll have to get a picture of it, it’s old) gets clogged with cars, making my travel a bit of a game of chance. All of my commuting skills will be called into play here. Then the stop light, which is a three-way, is all crazy. It was a bit insane before getting through, I now think I’ll be doing much traffic dodging, and probably some illegal stuff to maneuver through. It is what it is though, the road isn’t very bike friendly as it is and now, even less so. I’ll be posting often and I’ll have more pics, no promises, but that’s the plan.

Peace, Patrick


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