Commuting, Roll, and Bike Lust

So, the cold weather commuting continues…I still haven’t warmed up to it (no pun intended), but I figure that when the weather finally starts to warm up again, I’ll be in pretty good shape, and should be moving like lightening come summer. I figure since I’m pushing around all this extra weight, i.e. winter clothing, that when I shed it, my legs and lungs should be happy and fit as a fiddle.

I’ve also added a rack to the rear of my bike, and a front fender. I need to get either panniers or a cargo case for it, then I can shed the backpack. The fender was a much needed accessory do to the crappy weather (rain, snow, etc) . My water bottles and pants were taking a good beating from the water and dirt from the road, my water bottles especially took the biggest hit, to the point I couldn’t even drink from them until I got to work to wash them off. So the fender is a nice addition. I am currently on the working on fitting some vintage handle bars on to my bike, but that will be a weekend project. I’ll get a pic of my ride up this weekend.

My wife and I visited our local bike shop, Roll, again this weekend. Damn, we should avoid it all together….and I don’t mean that in bad way. See, if you have bike lust like us, a bike shop with cool products and cool staff, makes one drool and want to buy everything. We always stop in to see what’s new…and there is always something new….we also wish we had extra $$$ to buy the nice shiny things we see, but alas, we have other obligations that require our money. That doesn’t stop us…especially my wife…from finding something to covet. This time it was a custom bike of sorts. See, they had taken an old Fuji frame stripped it painted it white and then reassembled it with top-shelf components such as a  Brooks saddle and bar tape,  a Sugino Zen Messenger chain ring, some kick ass fenders, fixed gear, all in a beautiful white monochromatic scheme with no logos. It had the look of a vintage bike  and was almost too pretty to ride on anything other than 100% sunny days. My wife took it out for a ride in the parking lot, she looked so cute on it, and the smile on her face said volumes. It ran about $800 and if we didn’t have our other $$$ obligations, my wife would be enjoying a new ride. So, we are keeping it in mind. I know the staff of any bike shop hear’s that line all the time, but with us….well we’re serious.  If that extra $$$ becomes available that bike is hers, pending nobody buys it.  Over all another good experience at Roll. Too bad for us it happens to be on the opposite side of town, so we only make it in occasionally…which I suppose is a good thing, keeps us from bothering them too much and keeps our heads grounded. Bike lust….what can you do.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


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