Cold, Ice, Wind, and Not Driving

Pretty long title when I could just have easily said, Cold Weather Commuting, aye? I’m still not a fan of commuting in the cold, though yesterday morning even at 27degrees, with light snow, wind, and ice, was a beautiful ride. There is a peace to being out pedaling in the cold that is missed when in a car. I’m sure people look at me like I’m crazy pedaling my way to work, but I think they are missing a wonderful experience. I may only be getting to do it a couple-three times a week, but it’s good for my mind and body.

I’ll say that since my accident, even though I am keenly aware of what’s around me, it’s helped make me even more alert. I pay closer attention to cars at intersections and those pulling out of side streets or driveways. Cars and their occupants are, for the most part, rather accommodating to me. I’ve had many a car wait for me to pass before they pull out or turn right. And for their kindness and courtesy, I always smile and wave…except when my face is covered by a scarf, then I just wave. Look, it’s just the right thing to do, common courtesy. But, I can’t forget to mention that I have had my fair share of those cars over the past two weeks trying to harm me because their occupants are in la-la land, and that is damn scary, even when you catch it and avoid the front end, door, or grill of their machines. It’s also a bit un-nerving to think of these people coming from behind, where I can’t see them. Yet, the healthy bit of fear I have in traffic is a good thing, it keeps me aware, and if you don’t have it your heading for trouble.

I am currently imbibing with a growler of Barley’s Christmas Ale Sorry, unless you live in Columbus, you are unable to enjoy this, but if you do live in Columbus, do yourself a favor and head downtown to Barley’s for a pint or two.

That’ s my 2 cents!

Thanks for reading, Patrick


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