The Autumn Celebration, Laziness, and Blog Changes

First off, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to have a safe and good holiday weekend.

Second, after talking much shit talking to myself and making many excuses, I put up and finally got back on my bike and started commuting again. After three months…well, ever since my accident, I am back in action commuting. It’s damn tough to pick up riding again when it’s cold and windy. My body offered me no gimmes, when I took to my two wheeled steed, it seemed to conspire with the cold to make my first commute as miserable as possible. I honestly think that cold weather commuting blows and is no easy task. You’re bundled up, so movement is restricted, and the cold just sucks the energy from your body. I hate it, but I like it better than driving in traffic. Hey, I’m being honest here, it’s not that I don’t love being on my bike, it’s just that cold weather commuting is tough…at least for my sorry ass. I may have a different take on it as my body adjusts to, well, getting exercise again, I’ll keep you informed as that whole thing evolves. I also need to get a headlamp, because I was racing the setting sun today….actually it wasn’t much of a race, the sun was already resting it’s chin on the horizon. I was hoping to make it to the cemetery before closing, no dice, so I had to take the long way and that just gave night a little more of an opportunity to envelope me. So, a headlamp is in the nearest future.

I am currently imbibing with Leinenkugel’s Fireside Nut Brown …yyyuuummm is the word. Do yourself a favor if you enjoy good beer and run out and buy a six.

The sounds permeating my ears at this time happens to be Dead Can Dance, as a long time fan I have become re obsessed with their music.

You may have also noticed a slight change in the title of this blog. Over the past year, Soul Side Down has evolved into more of a personal thing. Most of the posts have focused on myself and bike related stuff in the Columbus area, so it only seemed natural to change a few things, some are immediately noticeable, some not so, and others will happen as this site moves forward. I’ll still be more than happy to receive posts/articles/pictures/submissions from anyone out there, but I won’t actively be seeking any. It’s all good though.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.


Peace, Patrick


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