CapCity Cross #4

I finally remembered that it’s cross season, and the wife and I got off of our asses and drove out to Licking County to catch #4 in the CapCity Cross series on Sunday. I wanted to catch one last year, but work and mostly laziness kept it from coming to fruition. It was a beautiful fall day with oodles of sun and a killer course. I have only read about Cyclo-Cross and getting to see it first hand was a pleasure. It also gave me a new healthy respect for the racers, both the men and the women.

My wife and I arrived while the B-Class was well under way. I recognized some of the riders from road races earlier in the summer. The Jeni’s Cycling team was in full force and at least one rider from Team Inferno and the Rasin Rack team. The other teams were new to me. I have a funny feeling we were the only “spectators” there. The rest of the crowd were friends or family of riders, team members,and officials. Which is too bad, cross is a spectator sport, you can move safely around most of the course and the energy of those there is high and to not get caught up is impossible. So go out and support the local teams and the visitors. Just follow the links I’ve provided below the pictures and see if one is close to you…if you live in Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky.

Links To Local Cross Races>

CapCity Cross

Ohio Valley Cyclocross

Thanks for stopping by!

RIDE SAFE — Peace, Patrick – SSD Crew


One thought on “CapCity Cross #4

  1. P@t,

    I ran across your link and remembered I hadn’t been here in months, I apologize, but it’s good to see you guys are still at it and rocking the Ohio scene.

    Man, I’m in Logan, and I wish our Cyclocross races looked like that, we’ve already got snow in the foot hills.

    Hope all is well,


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