ROLL – Columbus, Ohio

Roll is a local bike chain, local as in started in Columbus and chain as in having two locations (both in Columbus). I have stopped in the Easton location on several occasions, but my first time left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. No need to go into details, that’s the past. Last night while taking my wife’s parental units around town, we popped over to Easton and decided to stop in at Roll to see the new 09 Giant Bowery, mostly the white one called the ’84. My whole opinion went from sour to sweet in only a matter of minutes. I wish I would have gotten the name of the associate who took the time to talk to us, becasue he was damn cool and down to earth. I went in to see if they had received the Mash-up (Gray) Bowery, just so I could see it in person. No dice. The ’84 that had been there before was gone. The associate approached and we began talking about the Bowery. We both shared a love of the ’84, and unless you’ve seen it in person, you can’t understand. I found out they weren’t getting the Mash-Up because the owner wasn’t at all impressed with it in person, said it looked cheap, but in a bad way. We chatted a bit more about the Giants and the owner went off to help a customer. My attention turned to the Swobo brand of bikes and the associate was more than happy to answer my questions, and his knowledge of the product was deep. He managed to get me to seriously consider a Swobo, as should anyone else looking to get into a ride. More on Swobo later. Anyhow, I must say…THANKS to the guy who helped us and for changing my feelings about this local bike shop. Only one other bike shop, that I’ve experienced here in Columbus, has had the kindness and customer service shown here and that is B1 bikes. What separates them from the other bike shops in Columbus is a genuine desire to help, not something set up my a large company in their employee guidebooks, no these people really care about the service your receiving. There are also no snobby elitist attitudes, making you feel like your below them and you shouldn’t even be considering a bike, because you’re not serious enough of a rider, Roll and B1 make you want to get on a bike no matter what your level of experience and being local bike shops deserve your patronage. Oh, yes damn-it this a plug for those store, but I wouldn’t be putting it down in 111110000000s and posting it on the web if i didn’t feel they deserved it. So hop over to our links section and click to check out these Columbus establishments…or if your feeling bit lazy, click the links below.




Patrick – SSD Crew


4 thoughts on “ROLL – Columbus, Ohio

  1. I had that same opinion the first time i went into Roll…was not impressed. Then upon a second visit and seeing that they carried the Swobo brand, my views were changed. I purchased the Swobo Sanchez (fixed gear) on the 4th of July this year and i LOVE it. It is my favorite bike and im glad that i didnt buy a different fixie. So if anyone is in the market for a bad ass fixie or just even a nice commuter bike, check out the Swobo line. Also i will say that the staffing was much better second and third times in.

  2. i think the associates name might be jeremy he lives nearby me and he owns a couple fixies and i know he works there he lives sorta by me.


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