2008 Hermosa Off-Road Classic

This last Saturday I raced on my bicycle. I’ve been riding bicycles since, well, forever. Sometimes in a recreational sense, and sometimes in a loosely competitive sense (back in the days of freestyle). But I’ve never officially been in a race. Until Saturday anyhow.

Of course, for my first race, I have to pick one that goes primarily uphill for 19 miles. To boot, I do on a single speed. And, just to make it interesting, I threw the whole idea of training to the wind. Combine all these factors, and you have the makings for a very interesting day. Oh, left out one thing, after the race, I would ride back down the course, another 19 miles. Yeah, sort of a big thing to forget 🙂

The course was wet, with large areas of mud and lots of puddles, but I would not describe the course as muddy at all. It was like, or must be like, what it’s like in the Pacific northwest – lots of slippery objects to goof you up, and very moist. The course had lots of ups, since it was uphill, had some downs too, and a lot of technical sections peppered about. The aspen groves were – and always are my favorite. They make me feel like I’m in a photo in a mountain bike magazine.

I rode the 40 beginner class. There was also a pro class combined with single speed A, Mens expert/Single speed B, Womens Expert, mens beginner, and womens beginner (I think…). The pro/singlespeed a class would complete the 18 mile section, that levels out at almost 9,000 feet, and continue on to climb a couple more thousand feet and another 18 miles. Those people are nuts, plain and simple, but damn tough. There were a couple single speeders in that class too. Rough.

Well, that’s all the space I’ll waste here on it, you can read further about my exprience on my Deviant Art journal here: Who’s Idea Was This Anyhow?

Or check out the Durango Herald’s report and some actual results here: 2008 Hermosa Off Road Classic

and a few photos from the experience are below:

Pros and Single Speed A class, ready to go…

Lined up and ready to go…

The mad dash to the trail head…

Staging Area…

I caught a flat…

Water crossing at the finish line…


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