A Tale of 2 Races Pt2: The 5th Annual Garrett Wonder Memorial Race

Sorry about the delay (I know, a friggin’ week) in getting this second article posted, life gets in there and muddles things, ya dig?

First a little back story about the race. This race was started by the family of Garrett Wonder, a cyclist who was struck by a car while on a training ride. His family started this non-profit race to raise money for the fund created to promote cycling safety and fund the OSU cycling scholarship they established.

We arrived just as the men’s 3-4 cat race was starting, the crowd turn out was amazing and the support from the community of Westerville, Ohio was nothing less than astounding, from local businesses and the police, to the people who live there. For this first race, my wife and I walked the course to get a feel for how the race would play out. I snapped some shots, and very poorly at that, though I will post them. The course was for the most part flat, but as we all know, flat is all relative. From the starting point the riders road up Main St. and took a left at the first corner, this was a slightly inclined street, just enough to get your legs feeling the burn Then at the next intersection they again made a left and there was a bit more to the incline, then it leveled off and it was flat all the way up to the next turn and around to to start/finish line. The start finish line was at about the half way mark after riders rounded the corner, so it made for some exciting finishes by all rider categories.

Each race was less than an hour, but the times varied from 5 minutes for the youth races to 60 minutes for the category 1-2 men’s.

We walked the course for pretty much all of that first race which was about 45 minutes. We got back to the S/F line with about 5 laps to go In the men’s 3-4 cat race, the leaders changed almost every laps, but it was the same five or six guys rotating around. A good race a decent finish.

Up next was the women’s race, and the women’s crits have been some of my favs since I started going to races back in 2003. The race started with a number of sponsored riders including the women’s national champion to a girl in bike shorts and a tee-shirt, very cool. We didn’t walk to course on this race, but I covered it from various spots on the main drag, but to be honest, it was mostly from the last turn onto the stretch that ran to the s/f line. As would be expected, the pros including the national champ were the real contenders, but I was cheering on a couple of riders that were riding just to finish. A few from Team Awsome/Jeni’s Ice Cream, Rasin Rack, and one rider from OSU, who always acknowledged the people cheering them on, which is a stark contrast to the guys, I dunno why, that’s just how it is. The womens races always rock, it’s all heart. The national champ won this race, which I guess shows just why she gets to wear the stars and stripes jersey.

After the women’s came the mens cat 1-2. Unlike the other races where the jerseys were as diverse as the riders, there were full teams in this one. They lined up to start and once they got going, well…damn it was fast. I don’t even know how fast the pace was, but it was like they were cutting down some alley taking a short cut. The race was 60 minutes and they kept up an insane pace. In this group were a former world champion and the current national champion, both riding for Team Inferno. I have to say, standing near one of the corners as the come by is such a rush, the noise the the gears changing, the sound of the riders, and the blast of air that hits you, amazing. The race finished with Team Inferno sweeping the podium, and the national champ taking top honors.

The next race was the Community Fat Tire Race. anyone could register and only fat tire bikes could be used, sadly only two people signed up (next year my wife and I are riding), a sponsored pro and just a guy from the community. Three laps, and they were racing for a new mountain bike. Now who do you think one, come on guess…go on…guess. Did you say the pro? Well, you would be absolutely correct. The other guy pushed through and finished his three laps. It was for a good cause, which is why I was surprised more people didn’t partake.

The last race was the youth groups. They all started from the same point, but each age group had a different finish line. It was nothing but fun for all involved. Peep the pics below to see some of the pint size racers.

It was a good race to get back involved with the racing/bike scene here in the C-Bus. Look for more race reports, the next being the Germain Tour De Grandview at the end if this month.

Peep all of my images from the race below:

Do to the amount of photos they’re being posted as thumbs, cool? Click ’em why don’t ya!

The mens 3-4 taking a corner

The leader, at the time, of the mens 3-4 race

Starting line of the womens race

Womens lead group which includes the national championT-shirt girl was a fav, she didn\'t finish though

The womens podium w/the national champ on topStart of the mens cat 1-2Mens cat 1-2The leader and national championThe winning team(Inferno) post race

The mens cat 1-2 podiumCommunity Race - The ProThe Community - The CitizenA future racer?)

The official bad ass pace carA bit of cycling advice?The next generation

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Peace, Patrick – SSD Crew


One thought on “A Tale of 2 Races Pt2: The 5th Annual Garrett Wonder Memorial Race

  1. Awesome re-cap bro. In Ohio, you have or had somewhat of a gem of criterium ops… We have ’em out there, but they are so spread out. I believe the local college here has a small scene that I’ll have to check out. Hope you get check out more, because well, they’re cool to watch, but I like to read about that stuff too. Great grabs with the camera too… Really dig the one with the rider checking out their drive train, the kiddie, and of course the shirt…!


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