A Tale of 2 Bike Races Pt 1: Mohican 100 Mile MTB Race

This may be a long post it may not, it all depends on my power of recollection.


First up the Mohican 100 MTB Race. I was originally planning to cover this race, but I couldn’t get on to their website to find out course details, what time the race started, parking etc. The info I am relaying here comes from a friend, Tony Ball,  who participated in the 60 mile race on a f-ing singlespeed. From what he told me, he was way late in starting, way late as in the field already left. His info told him the race was going to start at 7:30am, but it went off at 7am. He took off on is bike, gloves in his mouth and his Camel-Bak barely on, not even buckled up yet. He was off and racing, or at that point playing catch up with the rest of the field.  He was actually not too far behind. He saw the rear police escort car disappear around the bend, when Tony finally got to that bend the police escort had stopped to block the fireroad from traffic. Tony asked him how far ahead the riders were, and the officer told him they just went around the other bend. “You better hurry up if you expect to catch ’em” said the officer. Tony was hauling ass, and managed to finally catch the field. Tony said he managed to pass about 20+ people. He was also caught on camera passing several(geared) riders on a climb.

I haven’t done any singlespeed mountain bike riding yet, but I will. The mentality of the SS rider is, from what I’m told, one of momentum…period, especially when it comes to any sort of climbing, Tony said that he had to yell at a few geared riders do to their switching gears and slowing down on one of the climbs, not so much yell as just give a bit of a good natured ribbing.  He had to break hard to the right and bunny-hop a log to pass them so as to keep his momentum for the climb. He said he was smiling all the way. All in all he accomplished 38 of his 60 miles, he ended up dropping out do to leg cramps. When he got back to where his friends were, he asked what time it was, and his friend Kurt asked him what time he thought it was, and Tony replied , 10 or 10:30. Kurt laughed and told him it was 2:30.  Good times.

From what I understand Floyd Landis was there racing, but ended up dropping out at 20 miles. Tony’s friend Kurt bailed pretty hard in a rock garden, he pulled an endo and banged up his chin on the rocks, good for him all he got was banged up. He dropped out after that incident. Tony also got to meet some fellow SS riders. He said he got to meet a guy who races in the SS World Championships, and this guy was more than happy to give advice and pointers. He told Tony and friends about proper race gearing. Tony said he was a real down to earth guy, as were all of the other SS he meet.

Below is info from the official results: I included both Tony and Kurt

Ball 643 M 38 Columbus OH 100 kilo Single Speed DNF
Kurt Huebeck 601 M 35 Columbus OH 100 kilo Single Speed DNF

When all is said and done, he’s hooked, and looks forward to his next race. Maybe next time, I can get him to write something. Hell maybe I can get Kurt to contribute, he’s a new found bike addict. I’ll try and talk to him.

You can check the full results from NUE in PDF here> MOHICAN 100 RESULTS

You can also peep out an article and photos at Cyclingnews.com here > MOHICAN 100 @ Cyclingnews.com

Thanks to Tony for the recap and to all those who stop by to read.

Ride Safe!

Peace, Patrick – SSD Crew

*Pt 2 will be my personal coverage of the 5th Annual Garret Wonder Memorial Race. Look for that this evening.


One thought on “A Tale of 2 Bike Races Pt 1: Mohican 100 Mile MTB Race

  1. Congrats and prop to Tony, and all the rest. Not sure I could do a solo single speed race just yet, but I’m itching so bad for a 24 hour event. We’ll see.

    Its so true about momentum and the one gear. When I’m riding with geared riders, and we’re grouped fairly close just before a climb, I have to stall – let them get about 3/4 of the way in to the climb, then I can start. I’ll usually catch them by the top.

    Thanks for posting this article though, keen to see someone I know getting down on the one gear.. Peace.


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