Bike + Art = Show (Review)

My Bike 2 Work Week was cut short do to my injury (if you read my previous post you know what I’m talking about) I’m still off the bike, but my neck seems to be getting better, it’s tough not being able to ride, but healing is paramount.

Enough about my sorry ass. My wife and I were out and about today enjoying the beautiful weather and doing some garage sale hopping in German Village. Lots of folks on their bikes there, all ages and all styles of bikes. Good stuff. When we were finished there we made our way to BIKE + ART = SHOW in Grandview at  Junctionview Studios. When we arrived a few bikes were locked up outside, but there was a complimentary lock up inside with someone watching the bikes, a small donation was all they were asking, very cool. When we got inside there were arts and crafts, as you should already know, all pertaining to bikes. Some keen art work was to be seen. I took pics and only a handful of them turned out (operator error), sorry. The ones that did turn out are posted here (I need to learn to take more photos). I dug alot of what I saw. Some keen photos from Giles Clement, who’s recent series turns his lens on the cyclists of Columbus and their rides. Cool stuff, peep his website here> Illumiquest There were some cool cycling inspired clothing from Robotic Werewolf (They don’t have a website yet), which is too bad, I wish I had taken some pictures of their gear. We saw some fresh cycling caps made right here in Columbus by a company called Octopus Incorporated. Their hats are made from reclaimed/recycled fabrics and feature a cash/card pocket inside, too cool. Then we found a table with someone selling some of the coolest messenger bags. At this table we met Ryan, one of the designers from Bindle Bags (the link takes you to their MySpace page, the official website is under construction), which is based right here in good ol’ Columbus. Ryan was super cool and more than happy to give us the low down on his bags. My wife has now put one of their fresh bags on her wish list. The Bindle bags are made from recycled fabrics, generally out of old suits (pants & jacket), so each one of them is unique and one of a kind. they come in a variety of sizes and Bindle can even custom make one for you. The coolest thing is that they’ll fix any defects for a long as you own the bag, pretty cool huh? Thanks for the info Ryan. We cruised around a bit more checking out the people and other art, picked up a copy of the Ohio bicycle laws (peep this link for more info> Bike Ohio), then slipped out. Peep the images below.

Bindle Bag - Medium w/silkcreen

The bag above has pants pockets under the

Bindle Bag - Small w/applique

Above is the bag my wife is coveting.

Columbus Screenprint

A fresh screenprint by artist Jason Cleveland

Again, sorry for the lack of images, I’ll try not to let it happen again.

I am glad we went, we saw some cool gear to add to out wish/want list, and it made me want to get back on my bike, but all in good time, when I’m healed.

Thanks for reading.

Peace, Patrick – SSD Crew


One thought on “Bike + Art = Show (Review)

  1. Cool show – and keen to see some creative and positive things coming out of the bike community there (not to imply it’s a negative scene at all). Really dig the messenger bags, too bad my crumpler is still holding up (amazing, really). But now I’ve got somewhere to look now for a replacement.

    Your images are right on bro 🙂

    There’s a Veloswap going on tomorrow at the fairgrounds, people like Ted Danielson, Ned Overend, Juliana Furtado (?) and others will be selling their used parts and schwag. Hopefully I’ll have a little report on it.

    Love that screenprint too….


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