Injured Reserve List

We’ll I went to see my doctor today. I’ve been having some neck issues since I hit my head while climbing into a forklift about two+ weeks ago. It seemed to be healing but, I happened to fall off of my bike about a week ago, and have continued riding and it seems to have irritated the problem, which happens to be a bit of a whiplash type deal. So, I basically strained the muscles in my neck and have aggravated them by riding. The doc has told my to take it easy for about 4 weeks and take my anti-inflammatory, no riding my bike. Damn! I am glad that I didn’t injure my neck worse, so not riding my bike and letting things heal is cool. I will continue to post here though, so I am down, but not out.

Peace, Patrick – SSD Crew


One thought on “Injured Reserve List

  1. Man, that really sucks friend. Being ordered off the bike by an official source has to bite. Well, here’s to a more than speedy recovery, and well, maybe this will give you a little time to work on some more of those cemetery shots 😀 Get well soon bro, sending energy your way.. speaking of sending.. you’ll have to hit me with your address there, not sure I have it yet.

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