Get Green Columbus – Bike News From C-Bus, Ohio

Sorry in advance to those who visit this site from outside of the Columbus area, but being as I live here and my biking world revolves around the C-Bus, I’ll be posting occasional news from and around the Columbus area.

In getting back into the swing of things and seeing how the city’s attitude has changed about cycling since we left over 2 years ago, I see that the City of Columbus has initiated a green program to bring our fine city into the 21st century, and it seems that bikes are part of that program. With Get Green Columbus the city has initiated a program called Pedal Instead which encourages people to bike to local events, such as festivals and all OSU home games. Here is an excerpt from the official memo from the city:

“Pedal Instead is one of the “green” programs under Mayor Michael Coleman’s Get Green Columbus initiative.Operated by Columbus Recreation and Parks, Pedal Instead is a free valet bicycle parking service available at city festivals and special events. Volunteers from the University Area Enrichment Association, Consider Biking and Battelle will staff a “bicycle corral” which consists of a portable fence and sturdy bike racks. Your bicycle will be secured so that you can enjoy the festival worry free. Pedal Instead encourages people to use their bikes instead of gasoline powered vehicles to travel to the city’s festivals. Pedal Instead encourages people to burn calories instead of air polluting carbon.”

For a list of event Pedal Instead with be at click the link to see the PDF file > Pedal Instead

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One thought on “Get Green Columbus – Bike News From C-Bus, Ohio

  1. Meant to comment on this when it was posted, but short attention span theater was on, and I got lost…

    It’s cool to see Columbus make some sort of effort with the bikes, as well just the Green thing in general – hope its not just political lip service and that it will continue in to something permanent.

    I was just commenting to my uncle in Toledo about how treacherous it would or must be to commute up there, as most drivers are like raging crack-heads 🙂

    And in contrast, out here in Durango, former MTB mecca… there’s no special appreciation of the whole commute thing – not this year anyhow.. last there was an official “bike to work day” – I even have the t-shirt. This year – nothing so far. Crit. mass does have a presence here though, as well as couple weekly after work town rides. But, if you’re not close to being entrenched in bike culture, you might not know about it. Its sad, how in place such as this, that biking, and mountain biking more specifically, is not being pimped like could be.

    But in fairness, I see a remarkable amount of people commuting, so you have to sort of factor that in too.

    Hope all is well in Bustown!


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