Holy poop, I am out of shape!

For personal reasons I had to drive on Tuesday. My body thought that the riding business was done, so when I mounted my ride on Wednesday my body wasn’t quite aware as to what I was doing. I pedaled on and Wednesday’s ride was pretty good. I felt good and the body responded really well to all the conditions set before it. I was amazed at how well Wednesday went, yet unknown to me, my body was planning rebellion should I decide to try the same thing the next day. My body allowed my to think that all was well on Thursday’s mount up. I pedaled down the street and at the first climb my body let it be known how it felt about the day before, and that first kicker was and ass buster. Holy poop, I am out of shape. The ride got no easier, the Greenlawn climb was almost too much, it took everything to hit the top. Then even the “flat” sections were difficult, my legs were not happy and the stress if the ride the day before had reared it’s ugly head. I got stopped a train for the second day, which isn’t all bad, I got to see some tight graffiti and hobo tags. I pics and maybe I’ll add them to this post after I check ’em out and process them.

The ride home was the final ass kicker. I had a hard head wind and cross wind the whole way home, with only a little relief while riding through Greenlawn cemetery. I haven’t dealt with wind this tough since Utah. Damn, my ass is kicked today. I am driving because my body need to recover. 60 miles in three days after no riding for 6 months has taken it’s toll, and I don’t need to go hurting myself. So, I’ll pick up riding next week and continue to ease my self into the 100 miles of commuting I’ll be doing on my bike each week.

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Ride on – Ride Safe, Patrick – SSD Crew


2 thoughts on “Holy poop, I am out of shape!

  1. Hang in there bro – it will come. A winter without biking takes a while to recover from, lol, as you are experiencing. About two times per year, I have a day where I “feel” fine, but I have absolutely no bike legs, it’s like as if I never even pedaled down the street before. Usually, I think it’s due to lack of sleep, or accumulated days of exertion catching up.

    Of course, you already know about diet and sleep and all that, but I would be remiss not to state the obvious.. especially good ol’ sleep 🙂

    I’m having similar experience on the trails here, especially the initial climb up to the meadows….


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