Busting the Lazy Habit

Well, after much hemming and hawing, dragging of feet, and plenty of bullsh*t excuses & rationalizing, I am finally getting my lazy ass on my bike again. It’s been six months since I rode a bike, well, no, we did go out this past Saturday to ride my commute route to see what I would be dealing with. It kicked my ass and I even hated parts of it, but as it goes, you don’t always love it, but you do it because you love it….strange how that works out. So this morning is my first official commute and I’m starting it in true Ohio fashion…it’s cool and raining. I figured that I just needed to get on my steed (2005 Specialized Langster) and ride, no matter what the weather, because waiting for “nice” weather here in Ohio, well, I would never ride. LOL We figured that my commute will take about 45 minutes and be about 10+ miles (20+miles round trip), a little less if I can cut through the cemetery. I’ll do approximately 100 miles a week, which will whip my sorry ass back into shape in no time. I currently weigh in at 200lbs, well see where that is in 2 weeks when my body has fully adjusted to the routine. That’s about it for now…until I post an entry in regards to my first day of commuting back here in, C-Bus, Ohio.

Ride on – Ride Safe

Peace, Patrick – SSD Crew


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