Lack of Activity and Getting Settled

I honestly didn’t think that getting settled here into my new house, city and jobs would take so much time away from all of my web activity, including, but not limited to Soul Side Down. I would like to extend an apology for the lack of activity here, and hang my head in shame.  Between work and fixing up the place we’ve moved into, time on-line is generally relegated to viewing friends sites and responding to comments and emails. Damn, have I been tired, too tired to focus on writing anythng meaningful without my mind wandering toward sleep or it just wandering off. Things are beginning to settle down, but at the same time work may just get crazy once again, and for a good stretch of time. Then the home improvement kick, is two fold. One we are being allowed to stay in the house rent-free, provided we do all of the fix up work on the place. So, the equation goes something like this Daily Job (8 hours) + Night Job (3+ hours) + Fixing Dinner (1 Hour) = Near Zero Web Time. Like I said, things are settling down, but at the same time the chaos is just running more smoothly, so the settling down doesn’t quite equate to more free time…yet. I need to finally get my life organized.

I appreciate all of your patience. Things will get going here in the near future.

Peace, Patrick – Head Tofu@ Soul Side Down


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