What the hell have we been up to?

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few months. Since the move I have been working mad crazy hours at the new/old job, something around 9-10 hour days including weekends, except a few Sundays. I started a blog for our shop here > TORK

Other than that bike riding has been almost nil, and I am completely ashamed, my head hangs low. My wife on the other hand, rides to and from work everyday. It’s a fifteen minute/2.6mile ride, but it’s riding all the same. She loves it, and she’s happy to be getting into better shape. We just need to get her a better light for the front of her bike and a head lamp for her helmet.  Not too much traffic, just one busy street to cross. The weather, for Ohio, has for the most part, has been in her favor, but that will have to end here at some point, winter is coming and Ohio winters are, well…harsh. She’s tough though.

Other than that I’ve been almost too busy and too tired to do much on-line or on my bike…<hangs head in shame, again>, but we should be getting back to some “normal” hours at work, and I need to get my bike and clothes ready to start cold weather commuting. I’ve mapped my route which seems to be about 10.2 miles, and that translates to something like a 30+minutes commute, probably more like 45 minutes…we’ll see. So be on the look out for more here at Soul Side Down, not just from me, but from other contributors.

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace, Patrick – SSD Crew


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