Destination:Columbus, Ohio

No, this isn’t really a bike related post, though it does mention bikes towards the end. This post is just to let people know why there may be a lag in posts over the next few weeks.

Life is a neverending journey for me and my wife, and I wouldn’t trade any of those experiences with her for anything in this world. We moved out west, to southern Utah, for the hell of it, because we could. We have gotten to do so many things that we never would have been able to do otherwise. Such as hiking through Zion National Park(Narrows, Subway, Many Pools, Angel’s Landing, etc.), rappeling/canyoneering, biked some of the best trails in the US(Gooseberry Mesa, Navajo Lake, Bear Claw Poppy, etc.), Camped out under a million stars and being able to see every damn one of ’em, we’ve met and befriended some of the best people(you know who you are), lived in a house in the middle of, pretty much, nowhere, surrounded by Dixie National Forest. Now our journey is taking us back east to our hometown of Columbus, Ohio. For the past 2 weeks we’ve been getting things ready and confirming our living arrangments. We haven’t told anyone until this last week, starting with her sister & husband, who happen to be the closest people to us. We wanted to be absolutely sure that things were 100% on the Columbus end. They are. So, we have finally started telling our friends. I am telling work (giving my 2 weeks) on Monday. Hopefully they won’t just outright fire me. We’ll see.
The whole reason for the return to Columbus is opportunity. We’ve known for some time that our stay here in southern Utah wasn’t permanent, and we were actually planning to get out shit together and move as soon as possible. I happen to get back in contact with a good friend and former boss, he was telling me how the people he was hiring to help him in the shop just weren’t getting the job done, he said how he missed me working for him. I half jokingly said “You just let me know when you need me and I’ll be there.” Well he talked with his partner (another good friend), he emailed me and called me out on it. So, I’ll be working for a kick-ass company doing what I love. My wife, oddly enough, is going back to work for the same company she was with before she left(more on that later, also). We were excited when they said they would be happy to have her back.

Here comes the bike related part of the post. The coolest part of where we’ll be living in Columbus is we will both be able to commute by bike both ways to our job. She’ll be a quick commute, while mine will take a little figuring out, and be about 30+ minutes, maybe less. I can’t wait. It’ll be during the fall and winter, so we’ll need to get our cold weather gear in order. So we’ll both (yes, she’ll be writing something)have some new posts and piscs when we get settled into our new digs.

So we will be back in Columbus, Ohio in less than 3 weeks. Life is strange like that.

Thanks to all who read, visit, and contribute.

Peace, Patrick – SSD Crew


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