Commuting: Cold Weather Style

Well that time of year is upon us. The seasons are a changing, and that nice sunny, warm weather we so love is slowly heading south for the winter. The nip of cool fall mornings has us thinking about layers, and keeping warm, as the temp starts to fall. Those who have taken up commuting this past spring or summer might feel like quiting, but with the right gear and knowledge, you can keep riding right through winter and still enjoy the commute. I’ve researched some links and have a brief description. Some of them may be the same as the ones in my last commuting post, but there are also some new ones.

I remember my first winter of commuting. It was in Cowtown B.K.A. Columbus, Ohio.  I had started commuting because my truck had given up the ghost, and the mountain bike I had on hand was the cheapest way to get to work without taking public transport. I didn’t even know or care at the time that bike commuting was environmentally friendly, cheap, healthy, and  great for mental and spiritual health, I was commuting out of necessity, I learned all of that over time. Well, that first winter was a straight up learning experience, figuring it out as went along. I had to figure out what clothes worked in all the different winter conditions of Columbus. I got it all sorted out, but it took much trial and error. I figured that I could help point a few people in the right direction of some killer resources.

Read and Enjoy!

ICEBIKE home of the winter cyclist & other crazy people : by far one of the best cold weather sites out there, because…well…it focuses specifically on cold weather riding and commuting. Packed with more information than you can shake a hand full of spokes at. Learn it -Live it- Love it.

Tips for safe nighttime & cold weather commuting : The site linked above is straight and to the point, one page, text only.

Paul Dorn’s Bike Commuting Tips : Paul’s site was linked in my original commuting post. A great site with a ton of information. This link takes you right to the weather specific page.

COMMUTE BY BIKE : Another a site that was linked in the original commuting post. A killer site, with some great information about cold weather commuting with pics.

REI : Yes, that REI, the outdoor gear store. Seems some of the stores, maybe in your area, have free commuting classes which cover clothing lighting and safety concerns. Peep their website and check if a store near you has classes.

Theses links should get you started and on your way, hope they help.
Ride on – Ride Safe

Peace. Patrick – SSD Crew


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