10 (Commuter) Questions For Soul: Joel – Photographer & Musician

This set of questions comes from an all around cool guy, Joel. I know Joel from work, he’s our CAD monkey. It took me a bit of bugging to get him to warm up to me, but he eventually felt, or I at least fooled him into thinking, I was mostly harmless. When he’s done with his day job of making lines on a computer for eight hours, he spends his free time creating  music with his wife, Chelsea, in their band Bulls of Bashan, and also does photography with, Chelsea, under the name Lifted Industries. He more or less recently started to commute to work, because the petrol situation was starting to put a strain on his wallet. He rides at least four days, sometimes five, and he seems to have been bitten by the bike bug. Peep the links and check out his band and photography. He has also said he is working on an journal type entry for Soul Side Down about being a first time/rookie commuter, I’m looking forward to that. So, until then, enjoy his answers to 10Q4S.

1. Name: Joel A. Wilde
2. Location: St. George, Utah
3. How long have you been commuting?: About a month. I really don’t remember
exactly when I started… That’s kind of sad.
4. Commute distance(round trip): Roughly 16 miles
5. Bike(s): Early 90’s Univega Rover T2.7 and a 1988 Specialized Rock
6. Favorite part of commute: In the mornings it’s the first downhill, In the
afternoon its coming out of the wash all the way to the light at River Road
and Riverside.
7. Hardest part of commute: Towards the end of the ride going either way
there are some fairly steep hills, and after riding that far they really
kick my ass.
8. Pet peeve when commuting: Both of my bikes are noisy. I really wish they
9. Currently listening to: Okerville Rivers new album. I believe its called
Stage Names.
10. Favorite/Personal quote: I cant really think of a favorite. First thing
that came to my mind was “Meow what is so funny!?”

Ride On – Ride Safe


Patrick – SSD Crew


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